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3 Muscle Types
1) Skeletal (Voluntary & Striated)
2) Cardiac (Involuntary & Striated)
3) Smooth (Involuntary & Smooth)
Increases angle between bones
Decreases angle between bones
Superficial Muscles of the Chest
1) Pectoralis Descendens
2) Pectoralis Profundus
3) Pectoralis Transversus
Originates in Sternum, inserts in humerus.
Superficial Muscles of the Neck
1) Sternocephalicus
2) Brachiocephalicus
3) Jugular groove (not a muscle)
Two Parts of the Brachiocephalicus
1) Cleidocephalicus
2) Cleidobrachialis
Muscles of the Shoulder and Thoracic Limb
1) Trapezius
2) Latissimus dorsi
3) Deltoid
4) Brachialis
5) Triceps brachii
6) Biceps brachii
7) Flexors of carpus and digits (caudal)
8) Extensors of carpus and digits (cranial)
Trapezius Muscle
Over scapula, adducts scapula
Origin - spine of scapula
Insertion - humerus
Moves humerus
Latissimus Dorsi
Origin - thoracic vertebrae
Insertion - humerus
Moves trunk
Muscles of the Thorax
Intercostal muscles (in between ribs)
Internal Intercostal Muscles
depresses ribs during expiration (depresses thoracic cavity)
External Intercostal Muscles
lifts ribs during inspiration (expands thoracic cavity)
Muscles of the Pelvic Limb
1) Gluteals
2) Sartorius
3) Quadriceps femoris
4) Gracillias
5) Adductor
6) Pectineus
7) Biceps femoris
8) Semitendinosus
9) Semimembranosus
10) Gastrocnemius
adducts hind limb
Origin - os coxae
Insertion - tibia
Adduction of thigh
Extend stifle and flexes hip
Flex stifle and extend hip
Flex stifle and extend hip
Extends tarsus and flexes digits
Abdominal Muscles
1) External abdominal oblique
2) Internal abdominal oblique
3) Transversus abdominis
4) Rectus abdominis
Hypaxial Group
Abdominal muscle group
Ventral to lumbar veterbrae
Expaxial Group
Muscles of the Vertebral Column
Dorsal to vertebrae
Rectus Abdominis
Origin - pubis
Insertion - Sternum
Flexes abdomen
External Abdominal Oblique
Origin - posterior rib
Insertion - ventral midline
Transverse Abdominis
Origin - Vertebral Column
Insertion - midline
Muscles of the Vertebral Column
1) Iliocastali
2) Longissimus
3) Transversospinali
Dorsal muscle bundles
Move neck, back, and head, laterally
Ventral muscle bundles
Move vertebral column laterally and aid in inspiration
Span only 1-2 vertebra
Chest Cavity
Thoracic Cavity
Between diaphragm and pelvic cavity
Abdominal Cavity
Cavity between hip bones
Pelvic Cavity
cranial portion of pelvic cavity
Caudal portion of pelvic cavity
Aortic Hiatus
Opening in dorsal part of the diaphragm for abdominal aorta
Esophageal Hiatus
Ventral to aortic hiatus
Opening for esophagus
Caval Foramen
Opening in center of diaphragm
Pelvic Inlet
Opening through which abdominal and pelvic cavities communicate.
Abdominal opening of Uterine Tube
Female, opening to outside of abdominal cavity
Inguinal Canal
Cleft in abdominal wall
For blood vessels, nerves and spermatic cord.
Vascular Lacunae
Opening from abdomen to pelvic limb
Equine IM Injection Sites
1) Lateral neck muscle
2) Semitendinosus/Semimembranosus Muscle
3) Pectoral Muscles
Feline IM Injection Sites
1) Semitendinosu/Semimembranosus
2) Lumbar muscles
3) Cranial thigh - quadriceps
Bovine IM Injection Sites
1) Lateral Neck Muscle
2) Semitendinosus/Semimembranosus Muscle
3) Pectoral Muscles
Canine IM Injection Sites
1) Semitendinosu/Semimembranosus
2) Lumbar muscles
3) Cranial thigh - quadriceps