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Who designed Canada's flag?

a. Sir John A. Macdonald

b. George Stanley

c. Lester Pearson

d. Adolphe-Basile Routhier
George Stanley
Canada's maple leaf flag was designed by Dr. George Stanley and submitted during a nation wide search for a new national flag. The commandant's flag of the Royal Military College inspired Stanley's design.
What is the longest river in Canada?

a. The Mackenzie River

b. The St Lawrence River

c. The Fraser River

d. The Saskatchewan River
The Mackenzie River
The Mackenzie is Canada's longest river. It's also the 5th longest river in the world, spanning 1724 km.
Which is Canada's most densely populated province?

a. Ontario

b. British Columbia

c. Alberta

d. Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island is Canada's most densely populated province. The population as of 2001 was 138500. That's 25 people per square km.
Which is the largest national park in Canada?

a. Banff National Park

b. Pukaskwa National Park

c. Yoho National Park

d. Wood Buffalo National Park
Wood Buffalo National Park
Wood Buffalo National Park covers 44807 square kilometres and is Canada's largest park.
When Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the Canada-Soviet hockey series in 1972 how much time was left in the game?

a. 2 minutes

b. 34 seconds

c. 25 seconds

d. 1 minute
34 seconds
Paul Henderson scored the winning goal for Canada to win the series with only 34 seconds left on the clock.
Canada accounts for what percentage of the earth's land?

a. 7 Percent

b. 12 Percent

c. 1 Percent

d. 50 Percent
7 Percent
Canada covers 9976186 square kilometres, and accounts for 7 percent of the earth's land.
Where is the world's longest covered bridge?

a. British Columbia

b. Ontario

c. New Brunswick

d. Not in Canada
New Brunswick
The world's longest covered bridge is in Hartland, New Brunswick. It's 390 metres long, and was built in 1899.
What's the population of Canada's newest capital city, Iqaluit, Nunavut?

a. 4220 People

b. 4196 People

c. 1530 People

d. 3647 People
3647 People
The population of Iqaluit, Nunavut is 3647.
Canada and the USA share the longest undefended border in the world. How long is it?

a. 8000 km

b. 10000 km

c. 5271 km

d. 6420 km
6420 km
Our border with the United States is 6420 km long.
What are the two animals on the Canadian coat of arms?

a. A beaver and a moose

b. An elk and a Canada goose

c. A lion and a unicorn

d. There are no animals on it
A lion and a unicorn
Canada's coat of arms has a lion in the left and a unicorn on the right. They hold British and French flags.
What is the only province without an Indian reserve?

a. Ontario

b. British Columbia

c. Newfoundland

d. Nova Scotia
Newfoundland is the only Canadian province that does not have an Indian reserve.
How many time zones does Canada have?

a. Six

b. Four

c. Five

d. Eight
Canada has six time zones.
What percentage of Canadian land is uninhabitable due to extreme climate?

a. 56%

b. 89%

c. 73%

d. 20%
89% of Canadian land is uninhabitable due to extreme climate.
Which of the following is not a Canadian invention?

a. Zipper

b. Paint roller

c. Chocolate bar

d. Barbed wire
Barbed wire
Barbed wire was invented by an American. The zipper, the paint roller, and the chocolate bar are all Canadian inventions.