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Name the Atlantic Provinces
Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia
Historically, what was the primary economic activity for the Atlantic Provinces?
What happened to the fishing industry in the Atlantic Provinces.
overfishing caused the supply to become depleted and now fishing is suspended
What major economic activity did the Atlantic Provinces replace fishing with?
Which provinces are known as the heartland of Canada?
Ontario and Quebec
Why are Quebec and Ontario called the "Heartland" of Canada?
they are at the core of Canada's population and economic activities
Describe the soil of the Atlantic Provinces.
Thin and rocky due to glacier movement at the end of the last ice age.
The Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay Lowlands,and St. Lawrence Lowlands are all physical features of which provincial region?
The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Provinces
Name the river known as "Canada's Highway to the Sea."
St. Lawrence River
Which city is the largest metropolitan area in Canada?
Toronto, Ontario
Describe the characteristics of the Canadian Shield.
exposed, ancient bedrock with poor/little soil, cold climate and rich mineral deposits
Most of Quebec's residents live in cities located...
along the St. Lawrence River Valley
Describe the physical features and resources of the Prairie Provinces
rolling fields of wheat, crop-covered flatlands, badlands with eroded sand and rock formations, sand dunes, and semi-arid plains
Which provinces provide most of Canada's grain and cattle?
The Prairie Provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
The largest cities of the Prairie Provinces are located...
along the railroads that were built in the 1800s
What is the slogan for the Prairie Provinces?
"Grains and Trains dominate life"
Name the major economic activities for British Columbia.
Salmon, Forests, Minerals
Name Canada's largest port city on the Pacific Ocean
Vancouver, British Columbia
Immigration from which world region has increased Vancouver, British Columbia's population?
What is the name of the territory carved out the the Northwest Territories in 1999 as a homeland for the Inuit?
Describe the terrain of the Northwest Territories.
cold, nearly treeless land with very few settlements
Where do the majority of people live in the Northern Territories?
in small settlements along the Mackenzie River and Arctic coastline
What is Canada's highest peak?
Mt. Logan
Describe the economic activities in the Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut.
seal hunting, mining (gold, silver, and copper), fossil fuels
Why haven't the minerals and fossil fuels of the Yukon, NW Territories, and Nunavut been utilized to their fullest extent?
many have not been developed due to harsh climate and rugged terrain