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Define Renewable Resources

and give Example

1. materials or substance that are found in nature and can be used for economic gain

ex. minerals, water, forest, fertile land

Define non-renewable resources and give example

1.a natural resource that can not be remade or regrown at rate to keep up with how much is used.

ex. fossil fuels

What countries or continents use the most resources?

1. Asia

2. North America

3. Europe

What are the three types of fossil fuels?

1. Coal

2. Petroleum

3. Natural Gas

How are fossils fuels made?

1. Coal- giant plants in the swamp millions of years build pressure and turn into coal

2. Oil and gas- ocean, heat and pressure

What geography types are you most likely to find fossil fuels?

Sedimentary Rock Deposites

What started the overpopulation problem?

The industrial revolution

What are 3 examples environmental problems caused by over population?

1. deforestation

2. less clean drinking water

3. animals become extinct

Explain the greenhouse effect

1. Sun gives off heat and light.

2. some heat goes up into space and some gets trapped in the earth

3. The earth gets hot.

What are the three greenhouse gasses?