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Most of California's fresh water is used for ______________ .
The State Water Project provides (3)
1. drinking water for San Francisco
2. water for hydroelectricity
3. water to irrigate crops
Colorado River
Is a major source of water for San Diego region
CA Aqueduct does not extend into Northern CA because(3)
1. lower population
2. higher precipitation
3. crops there get enough water naturally
Canals and aqueducts
______________________ make up the CA Aqueduct system of transporting water.
the process of removing salt from ocean water to obtain fresh water
Southern CA fresh water problem
Fresh water in So. CA is in low supply because of low rain amounts and demand is high because of so many people.
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Store water as snow
CA Water Project was needed because (1 of 4)
Most of CA is desert or semi-desert
CA Water Project was needed because (2 of 4)
It doesn't rain where most people live.
CA Water Project was needed because (3 of 4)
It doesn't rain when many crops need to grow.
CA Water Project was needed because (4 of 4)
Much of the rain soaks into the ground, evaporates or runs off into lakes and streams.
Water Sources (3)
1. precipitation
2. surface water
3. ground water
Water Demands (2)
#1 Agriculture
#2 Dense populations in dry areas
Snow pack
______________________ stays frozen at high elevations and melts during hot months providing much needed water.
California Aqueduct System
Over 1,300 dams and canals that move fresh water from where it rains to where it is needed
Economic impact of the CA Aqueduct System
Without it much of CA would not be able to grow food, or have people live and work in dry parts of the state.

North of Sacramento

The Water Project does not supply water to areas of California__________________________.