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Job Production
Making one thing at a time. Doing one step, then moving on to the next.
Batch Production
Firms make a batch of identical products, reorganise and move on to the next.
Flow Production
Assembly line.
By increasing efficiency a firm can reduce its costs and improve its competitiveness. Maximise outputs from given inputs.
Technology helps to get more work done in a shorter time.
Technology in offices
Word documents, desktop publishing, emails and the internet, spread sheets help with finances.
Technology in manufacturing
Designing products (CAD) computer aided design. CAM - computer aided manufacture.Improves quality, efficiency and reduces human error.
Technology in shops
Bar code scanners, sales are recorded by computer, debit cards, cctv.
Computers reduce costs and save efficiency
Introducing new computer software can be a good way to increase a businesses' efficiency. Although initial costs maybe high its cheaper in the long run.
Advantages of computers
Information can be stored quickly and easily, accurate, no human error.
Disadvantages of computers
Can still be given the wrong information, can crash, expensive at first.
Customer service
-Accurate product information
-Dealing with customer questions and concern.
-Fulfilling the order requirement.
-Delivering on time.
-After-sales support and warranties
Quality is about meeting the minimum standard required to satisfy customer needs for the price given. This could depend on the materials in the product or the production method.
Consumer Protection: The product should be fit for its purpose
-The product has to do the job it was designed for.
Consumer Protection: The product should match its description
-Its illegal for retailer to give false description.
-This includes size, quantity, materials its made from and its properties.
-Also illegal to say its endorsed or approved by person or organisation unless it actually has been.
Consumer Protection: The product should be satisfactory quality
-Product should be well made.
-Shouldn't cause other problems for the buyer.(a fridge should keep food cold, but not make loads of noise at the same time.
due to the internet, businesses can go online and appeal to a larger market. This can up revenue and reduce costs.