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Define social responsible management inrelations to the operational management
Socialresponsibility: requires an LSO to do what is right to reduce economic,social + environmental impacts on the wider community + ecosystem thesemust be taken into account when planning an operations system.

- When planning + running an operations system the social responsibility considerationsinclude waste minimisation schemes such as recycling, reduction of carbonemissions, provision or enhanced quality of life for employees throughprovision of staff working environments that respect employee rights and lastlytaking responsibility for the environmental, social + economic impact of theorganisation’s activities.

Evaluate (analyse) Nicks decision to actethically and with social responsibility. Part 1
Ethicaland socially responsible management is about the application of moral standardsto management behaviour as well as management’s awareness of the social + environmental consequences of its actions.


-Are they ethically sourced?(sweat shops, fair wages)

-Environmentally friends

-Where they sourced overseas:not supporting local businesses+ the Australian economy

Evaluate (analyse) Nicks decision to act ethically and with social responsibility. Part 2

- Safety work place chemicals

- Break times

- Fair wages


- Impact on the environment + society/people

- Political impacts

- Legal impacts

Evaluate (analyse) Nicks decision to act ethically and with social responsibility. Part 3
Advantagesof acting ethical + with social responsibility:

- Improve the market reputationof the LSO, creating a competitive advantage in terms of ‘differentiation’

- Improve efficiency (greatoutput per unit of input)

- Reduce costs in the long term

- Strong, more positive corporateculture (staff morale)

Disadvantagesof acting ethically + with social responsibility:

- Can be expensive + timeconsuming to manage operations system that way

- The pressure to make a profitfor the organisation can be overwhelming