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good quality at fair prices
Total Product Offer
everything consumers evaluate when deciding to buy something
Product Line
group of products physically similar or are intended to for similar markets
Product Mix
combination of products offered by manufacturer
Product Differentiation
creation of real or perceived product differences. Ex: dasani water vs. aquafina
Convenience Goods and Services
products consumers want frequently w/ a minimum effort. Ex: gum, milk, gas
Shopping Goods and Services
products consumers buy only after company value, quality, and price from a variety of sellers. Ex: sears sells clothes and appliances
Specialty Goods and Services
products with unique characteristics & brand identity. Ex: expensive wines, lexus, Mercedes cars
Unsought Goods and Services
products consumers are unaware of. Ex: burial services, car-towing services
Industrial Goods
products used in production of other products. ( business goods or B2B goods). Ex: tv’s from best buy