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Advancement manual for the advancement of enlisted pers of us navy and reserve
TIR for E1 to E3
9 mo each
TIR for E3 -E4
6 mo
TIR for E4- E5
12 mo
TIR for E5 - E6
36 mo (may have EP waiver)
TIR for E6- E7
36 mo (may have EP waiver)
T/F: Personnel in a
disciplinary status may, if recommended by the CO/OIC,
participate in Navy-wide examinations for advancement-in-rate
provided all other qualifications are met.
What is TIR?
the date from which an advancement
candidate's total service in paygrade is considered to have
commenced for the purpose of computing advancement eligibility
for the next higher paygrade.
What is the Total Active Federal Military Service? (TAFMS)
Department of Defense (DOD) prescribes the TAFMS as
the minimum active service a person must have to compete as a
regular candidate for advancement.
What is a Terminal Eligability Date (TED)>
TED is the date to
which an advancement candidate's Service in Paygrade (SIPG) is
computed for advancement purposes.
ESO's are responsible for reviewing worksheets prior to the exam date, when is this accomplished?
they are prepared 1 month prior and reviewed approx 10days prior.
An E6 may be eligible for LDO when?
1 yr TIR.as of 01OCT of the year they are turning in their package. They may take the E7 exam for LDO purpose ONLY.
Max award points for advancement tests for E4/5 and E6 are?
Medal of Honor is worth?
10 pts
Navy Cross is worth?
5 pts
Distinguished Service Medal or Cross, Silver Star Medal,Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross are worth?
4 pts
Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart,Defense Meritorious Service Medal,Meritorious Service Medal,Air Medal (Strike/Flight), Joint Service Commendation Medal Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal are worth?
3 pts
(PMA) Performance Mark Avg are mandatory for all E4-7 candidates, (unless E7 is PEP). How are they weighted?
EP= 4.0
MP= 3.8
P= 3.6
Progressing= 3.4
SP= 2.0
Special evaluations prepared for examination
participation must have what end dates listed?
Jan exam - 31 DEC
March exam - 28 or 29 FEB
Sep exam - 31 AUG
When requesting PMA corrections after publication of
examination results, forward copies of?
all applicable evaluations
in present paygrade covering the entire computation period.
Requests for correction or addition to awards factor of exam should be submitted to NETPDTC (N321) with?
1070/604, Enlisted Qualification History or NAVPERS 1070/880,Awards Record, which properly identifies the individual
concerned and indicates all awards (including previously
reported awards), and copies of award citations and Flag letters of commendation.
U.S. Navy
Regulations, article 1145 is?
Service Examinations
All examinations and
completed answer sheets shall be in the custody of whom?
U.S. naval
officer, or designated master chief, senior chief, chief petty
officer, or civilian designated by CO/OIC with proper clearance(ESO).
Who must handle an advancement exam that is marked as Top Secret?
An E7 or above, Navy Officer, or civilian with Top Secret Clearance.
How many proctors are assigned to advancement exams?
At least 1 proctor per 25 examinees
How many days after publication of advancement results can the Sailors view thier Individual Profile Sheets?
PNA points are only creditable from the most
recent ____ exams?
A candidate may receive a maxium of _____ PNA points per exam. This puts a max points accumalative of ____points.
PNA points are multiplied by to in order to get the PNA factor. How are they weighed with the test score?
Top 25% - 1.5
Next 25% - 1.0
Next 25% - 0.5
When are the Advancements to paygrade E2/E3 are automatically posted?
On the 16th of every month.
DOD Instruction 1332.20 of 12 February 2007 and
OPNAVINST 1811.3 state “non-disability (voluntary) retirement for members serving in grades E7, E8, and E9 shall require a
minimum of how long in order to retire in that paygrade?
2 years, unless 30 years of AD has been completed at that time, retirement in current paygrade regardless of TIG applies
LIST (TDRL/PDRL). Those personnel who are selected for
advancement but are transferred to TDRL/PDRL will be advanced
effective when?
the date of transfer to the TDRL/PDRL per 10 U.S.C.
Correction of Naval Records
Redress of wrong commited by a Superior
UCMJ, Article 138
Complaints of Wrongs
T/F A 1-year TIR waiver is authorized for the CMAP program for advancement to the paygrade E6
Quotas for CMAP E2-E6 per Quarter..
E2 - Unlimited
E3 - 6
E4 - 4
E5 - 2
E6 - 1
For the CAP program, the % of E3 - 6 is?
For command with more than 101 pers...1%
Commands with <100 pers 2%
NAVPERS 1070/613
Administative remarks