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What percentage of communication is non- verbal?
What is genderlect derived from?
What do linguists study?
thy study the act
This gender seeks connection when communicating.
What is genderlect derived from?
This grouup uses language to top each other.
Deborah Tannen was a....
What was Tannens points concerning cross cultural approach?
-doesn't assume men are trying to dominate women
-stylistic differences are two dixtinct cultural dialects
-a particular style is not inferior or superior
What do men seek?
status and independence
What threatens a mans need for freedom & conquest?
a womens need for intimacy
How was Tannens approach reflected in "You've got mail?"
-John Hanks is more aggressive/ competitive
-while meg is more empathetic to her customers/ rapport talk
What is propaganda?
the packaging of truth and liestogether to convey a point of view, ideology, etc.
What is propaganda used for?
used for the purpose of persuading
What is cultural studies and what does it screen?
-it screens technological determinism
-it is where culture is more important than technology
What is cultural dterminism?
culture shapes the use of technology
What do we expect from the media?
we expect the nedia to tell us what is going on around the world ( Map of the world)
When it comes to story telling, which gender group tends to tell more stories?
men--try to make jokes or make themselves look good
What do men use questions for?
to engage in verbal sparring
In Network, what role do the ratings play?
* when Howard said he would kill himself, his ratings went up.
Howard Beal went from newsman to....
the voice of the people
Why did the ratings in Network start to decrease?
this is b/c the people want to hear that they are in control.
According to the class, who had the control in networking?
the audience
What was the ideology in networking?
the global corporation delivering to audiences what they want to hear & see.
How does TV turn us on?
it connects us to the people we identify with
Who was the intended audience for Teletubbies?
1 yr olds
Why was Teletubbies so effective?
-they are prelinguistic/ don't talk yet
-very interactive
Does Teletubbies really teach anything and what really matters in this case..intention or effect?
-teaches how to socialize into TV
-intentiondoesn't really matter, effect does
What does the yellow ribbon symbolize?
it was a sign of acceptance and forgiveness
What is democratic pluralism?
the pretense that society is held together by common norms, including equal opportunity, respect for diversity ,etc.
What role does mass media serve in culture and society?
mass media serves as a tool for those who are in positions of power in society to consolidate and maintain their dominance in society.
Where do people get their meanings?
we learn what signs mean through discourse of communication and culture
Who is George Gerbner?
the main man behind the cultivation theory
According to George Gerbner what is the dominate force that shapes society?
TV...which enters people's lives as infants
What is globilization?
-same values or ideas shared by billions across the world that is presented by the media
Why does Gerbner believe there is a link between TV and violence?
b/c it all depends on how much TV you watch
What is agenda setting?
*the fact that the media is not responible for telling us what to think, but what to think about
In the cultural studies, what is the primary shaper of culture?
In the cultural studies, who is in control?
Propaganda deals primarily with this study...
cultural study
What are the two ways we experience the world?
*direct and indirect experience
Media is a sysytem of what..?
*signs and symbols that are all interconnected and understood
From the system of symbols, what values are then derived?
economic,social,and personal values
Semiotics is concerned with what ...?
anything that can stand for something else
What is the main purpose behind the cultivation theory?
*that media cultivates behavior or attitude.
What is the link between TV and violence that Gerbner refers to?
it is the link between exposure to images, which in turn creates the

Ex. the idea that video games will get people ready for war
What is meant by "minds plowed by TV?"
The more TV you watch , the more you tend to think that there is alot more violence out there than there really is

*they grow fearful thoughts
What is mainstreaming?
the process by which heavy viewers develop a commonality of outlook through constant exposure to the same images and labels
What is resonance?
repeated symbolic portrayal of violence on the screen can cause the viewer to replay the real life experience over and over in his/her mind.
What is meant by "powerful ideological tools?"
*hall believes that the media functions to maintain dominance of the powerful and to exploit the poor and powerless.
Where do people get their "meanings?"
through communication and culture
What role does "corporate control" play in mass media?
*they produce and distribute the vast majority of info. we recieve.

*helps prevent any other stories from being told
What role did the media play on the Gulf War?
they used propaganda to gain support towards the war
What is the cominant force in the cultivation theory and why?
TV b/c it has even surpassed religion as the key storyteller in our culture
Who is most affected by the media agenda in the agenda setting process?
A) those susceptible havwe a high need for orientation or index for curiosity

B)those in need when oreintation arises from high relevance and uncertainty
What does the chapter have to say about the NCAA?
people pay attention to this for different reasons, but the media makes certain things about it more salient than others.
What is framing and who puts great emphasis on it?
McCombs emphasized that the media influence the way we think (by this process called framing)
What does McCluhan deem most important?
Mass Technology
In agenda setting what are the two views?
1. The fact that the media is in control (determines what and how the public thinks)

2.The fact that the audience is in control
What is the result of the transfer of news agenda to public agenda?
people judge certain things important according to what the public judges important.
Who sets the agenda?
In Wag the dog, what was the role of the Fad king?
he was the trend setter, wanted to know what trends/ package would appeal to the public.
How was network a form of Cultivation theory?
When Beal said that he wanted to kill himself, the public reacted to that

*Violence is the #1 thing on TV and TV is the dominant force that shapes society
What is meant by the "production of consent?"
how the masses think
How is agenda setting different than propaganda?
*Agenda setting is more subtle and you have a choice. (it doesn't tell you what to think, just what to think about)

*Propaganda tells you what to do and what to think (mixture of truth and lies to persuade you to think one thing)
What technologies did Mr.fixit use?
everything--- it was a giant special effect
What are the 5 types of talk in rapport talk?
1. Public vs. Private Speaking
2. Telling a story
3. Listening
4. Asking Questions
5. Conflict
The idea that we get an idea of the world by corporations, through technology, to the people; goes under what theory/ study?
Cultural studies