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I got used to getting up early.
Me acostumbré a levantarme temprano.
acostumbrarse a + inf
I want to learn to skate.
Quiero aprender a patinar.
aprender a + inf
She hurried to hide the present.
Se apresuró a esconder el regalo.
apresurarse a + inf
They attended class yesterday.
Asistieron a clase ayer.
asistir a + noun (not inf)
He dared to speak.
Se atrevió a hablar.
atreverse a + inf
They helped me paint the house.
Me ayudaron a pintar la casa.
ayudar a + inf
I began to study Spanish at the age of five.
Comencé a estudiar inglés a los cinco años.
comenzar a + inf
The tourists stopped to admire the statue.
Los turistas se detuvieron a admirar la estatua.
detenerse a + inf
The birds began to sing a dawn.
Los pájaros empiezan a cantar al amanecer.
empezar a + inf
Who taught you to sing like that?
¿Quién te enseñó a cantar así?
enseñar a + inf
I invite you to go to the movies.
Te invito a ir al cine.
invitar a + inf
We are going to eat at eight.
Vamos a comer a las ocho.
ir a + inf
The victim refused to identify the criminal.
La víctima se negó a identificar al criminal
negarse a + inf.
Suddenly, he began to scream.
De repente, se puso a gritar.
ponerse a + inf.
You will have to resign yourself to earning less money.
Tendrás que resignarte a ganar menos dinero.
resignarse a + inf.
Your friend called again.
Tu amigo volvió a llamar.
volver a + inf.