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Identify the purpose of the Command Recruiting Program
The purpose is to generate new contracts.
Identify two of the five categories of command recruiter.
Permissive Recruiter Assistance Program (PRASP), Permisive TAD (PTAD)
Who is the command recruiting program manager?
RS Sergeant Major
What is one of the ADMIN proceedures for a recruiter who request someone?
The recruiter should write the Marines they enlist encouraging them to apply for PTAD.
What are the incentives available for participants in the command recruiting program?
extension of leave (MCO P1050.3G), extension of leave for up to 5 days, or liberty pass for 72-96 hours to any enisted Marine.
Time limitations
no later thatn 90 days after the date of the latest referal, cr completion of PRASP of PTAD.
Purpose of MCRD Card..
is to prescribe minimum program actions a recruiter must take with each recruit after ship to recruit training and afterwards to their EAS.
To complete the MCRD card
enter name, phone number, and ship date on the front of the card.