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Bravias Lattices:

To represent the crystal structure, the three dimension arrangement of points is called ----.

space lattice

The French mathematician Bravias showed from geometrical consideration that there can be only --- different ways in which similar points can be arranged in ---space.

  • 14

  • three dimensional

  • Thus the total number of all the --- basic crystal system is only 14.

  • These are known as ---.

  • seven

  • Bravias lattice

Thus Bravias lattices are arrangement of points in three dimensional space in 14 different ways to explain the ----.

crystal geometry of different types of substances

  • Draw schematics to show different types of Bravislattices in crystalline materials.

  • Calculate the atomic packing factor(APF) of FCC and BCC crystal structure.


Bravis lattices are shown in Fig.

1. Cubic

2. Tetrogonal

3. Orthorhombic

4. Monoclinic

5. Sides equal

6. Unequal Slides

7. Unequal Slides-Unequal angles