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Spatial summation
impulses from several neurons at the same time
Metabotropic receptor
doesnt have a pore through which ions flow, but does have a binding site for NT. With an ion channel: binds, activates G protein, alpha sub of G binds to channel, and opens it. With enzyme: NT binds, activates G protein, alpha sub of G binds with enzyme and activates 2nd messenger which activates other cell processes.
Setotonergic system
Increases-obsessive compulsive disorder, schizo
Difference betw exogenous and endogenous
Exogenous is synthetic, endogenous is made by brain
Action Potential
signaling unit, long distance signaling, massive depolarization (where inside+ and out -). Only initiated at axon hillock.
3 things hormones are impt for
homeostasis, stress, reproduction
Graded potentials
small changes in voltage across membrane, proportional to intensity of stim, decay as move away from site of stim
Ionotriopic receptor
Allows the movement of ions across a membrane. It has a binding site for NTs and a pore or channel. Bring about very rapid changes in voltage.
What is a major difference betw action and graded potential?
If a stim stopped in graded, the graded stops. If stim stopped in action and reaches potential, still goes thru events.
Difference betw Neural and hormonal commun?
Neural is fixed like a phone, and fast; hormonal is like a broadcast and slower
What happens to the postsynaptic neurons after EPSPs and IPSPs?
Both produce normal APs but the EPSP causes a depolarization in the post and the IPSP shows a hyperpolarization in the post.
H20 retention, blood pressure
hierarchy in control of hormones
Brain--Pituitary---Gland--Target Tissue
When not enough iodine, TRH keeps releasing and creates goiter, and possible cretinism
Nonadrenergenic system
Emotional tone,
Decreases in norepinephrine=depression
stimulating hormones
First to degen in Alzheimers, NT, used by motorneurons to make muscles work
Dopaminergenic system
Loss of dopamine-parkinsons,
too much dopamine--schizo
Hyperpit--giantism, enlarge of bones GH grwth hormones
reprod/parental bhv