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The Braille Cell is made up of six dots, three down the left and three down the right. The Braille Cell looks like the six on a domino piece.

The dots within the Braille Cell are numbered from one to six. When you are using Braille and using the numbering method, it will be easier for you to remember the formations of Braille, not only in Grade One Braille, but in all of the other Braille Grades used today.

Just as a note and as a recommendation, the numbering method must be used in numerical order, because if you do not use it in numerical order, it has been known for the person using Braille to become confused.
Now onto the numbering method:
The top left dot is numbered as dot one.
The middle left dot is numbered as dot two.
The bottom left dot is numbered as dot three.
The top right dot is numbered as dot four.
The middle right dot is numbered as dot five.
Last of all, the bottom right dot is numbered as dot six.
Letter a
Dot One
Letter b
Dots One and Two
Letter c
Dots One and Four
Letter d
Dots One, Four, and Five
Letter e
Dots One and Five
Letter f
Dots One, Two and Four
Letter g
Dots One, Two, Four and Five
Letter h
Dots One, Two and Five
Letter i
Dots Two and Four
Letter j
Dots Two, Four and Five
What occurs when dot three is added to "a" to "j?"
Letters "k" to "t" are formed.
What occurs when dot six is added to "k," "l," "m," "n," and "o?"
Letter "u," "v," "x," "y," and "z" are formed.
Why did Louis Braille exclude the letter "w?"
He was French, and the letter "w" does not exist in the French language. The letter "w" was added later.
What Braille formation is a mirror image of the Braille the letter "w?"
The letter "r," is formed using dots 1,2,3, and 5.
The letter "w," is formed using dots 2,4,5, and 6.
"r" . "w" .
. . . .
. .