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For which situations may the continuity of the reporting periods for performance evaluations be broken?
An individual who has been on board for less than 90 days is evaluated as not observed in which of the following areas of the evaluation form?
Professional traits
Personal traits
For which reasons is a performance evaluation required
Dissenrolling from any school
If one of your subordinates commits an act of misconduct during a reporting period, you should withhold comments in the evaluation about the misconduct in which cases?
Prosecution by civil authorities is contemplated
Misconduct is referred to a court-martial
Nonjudicial punishment is contemplated
Records for selection boards ae prepared as much as how many months in advance of the convening date of the board?
2 months
You have certain rights and responsabilities concerning your evaluation. What publication has detailed information about your rights?
US Navy Regulations
Every service member is required to sign his/her performance evaluation. What does the signature signifies?
That the report has been reviewed and the member's right have been explained.
The Chief of Naval Personnel has sole authority to remove or modify evaluations that are filed in your service record.
The Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) was established for what purpose?
To relieve Congress of the burden of considering private bills for the correction of naval records
If you receive an evaluation that consider adverse, what maximum length of time do you have to make a statement if the commanding officer does not grant an extention?
15 days
If a reporting command is unable to obtain an individual's signature on the performance evaluation, the evaluation is forwarded to BUPERS with which documents?
A cover letter stating the reason the signature could not be obtained.
At which times is the performance evaluation considered final and no further changes are permitted?
After the report is submitted to BUPERS.
Which reasons constitutes an adverse report?
The member is not recommended for advancement
The member has an adverse comment in the narrative section
BUPERS will not accept a supplemental report more than how many years old?
2 years old
Assesses the member's personal behavior and degree of self-control under stress.
Block 32
Measures the individual's ability to solve problems and to accept instruction or direction.
Block 28
Measures the person's contribution to the commands mission
Block 27
Measures the individual's ability to set goals and performance standards.
Block 29
Measures the member's ability to perform duties not associated with his/her rating?
Block 28
On which of the following dates are periodic performance evaluations submitted for E5 personnel
31 March
If a member has been on board the command for less than 90 days, the completion of a periodic performance evaluation is required if a total of 150 days has elapsed since the member's last evaluation.
COs are encouraged to submit special reports to assists in determining assignments and advancements for which of the following paygrades?
E1 through E3
In evaluating the performance of an E3, when should you assign a grade in block 36 Directing
When the E3 has clearly demonstrated abilities in this area.
Traits such as leading, delegating, and inspiring subordinates to achieve a goal should be evaluated in which of the following blocks?
Block 36, Directing
Block 39 of the performance evaluation is the overall evaluation mark assigned to assess the member's overall value to the Navy. What determines the grade assigned in this block?
The overall assessment of the individual by the reporting senior
What performance evaluation block requires specific support in writing if a grade of 4.0 is assigned?
Block 39, Overall Evaluation
If a reporting supervisor feels an individual is capable of satisfactorily performing the duties and responsabilities of the next higher paygrade but is not yet eligible for advancement, what block should be checked?
Block 41, Recommended
COs may delegate certain personnel to sign performance evaluations. Which performance evaluations may be signed by someone who has been delegated this authority?
No one
Which of the following comments should NOT be included in the Duties and Responsibilites section of the performance evaluation?
Awarded the Bronze Star for heroism
Which special achievements should be entered in the block 55 of the performance evaluation for the current year?
All correspondence courses completed during the evaluation period.
In writing the evaluation comments, you find that insufficient space is provided for all your remarks. What should you do to correct this problem?
Rewrite in bullet format using the space provided.
As the reporting supervisor evaluating a member who served on a general court-martial during the reporting period, which of the following comments would be appropiate for the Evaluation Comments section?
Served as a member of a general court-martial
Before a comment can be entered on the performance evaluation concerning the use of illegal drugs, it must be substantiated by facts. In what ways can fact be established?
Voluntary disclosure by the member.
Lawful seizure of illegal drugs in possesion of the member.
Reliable eyewitness accounts of the member's abuse of illegal drugs.
When a recommendation for a future duty assignment is included in the Evaluation Comments section of the performance evaluation, which of the following factors about the person should determine the approval of the recommendation?
The individual's potential for the new assignment.
Which personnel may be delegated signature authority by the CO
Military and civilian personnel
If authority is given to a subordinate to sign official correspondence for the CO, which lines usually appears below the subordinate's signature
By direction
Signature authority may NOT be delegated to LPOs to sign what documents?
Page 1 service record entries
Which manual contains specific guidance on signature authority?
Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual
If you use a facsimile stamp of someone's signature, what should appear next to the signature to authenticate the facsimile?
Your initials
A naval message should be used instead of a NAVGRAM under which of the following circumstances?
The communication is urgent and speed is of primary importance.
If a command is the information addressee on a message, which action should the command take corcerning the message?
Whatever action is required within the command
After a naval message has been prepared and signed by the drafter, which person release the message
The delegated releasing officer
Who is responsible for the validation of the contents of a message?
Who is responsible for the selection of a message precedence?
Who is responsible for the proper addressing of messages?
Who is responsible for the proper addressing of messages?
When assigning precedence to a message, which factors should you consider?
Importance of the subject
Desired delivery time
What is the highest precedence normally authorized for administrative messages?
What precedence is identified by the prosign O?
A message is released at 1930 hours Greewich mean time on 2 January 1991. What is correctly stated date-time group (DTG) assigned to the message
021930Z JAN 91
Naval messages may have a total of how many originators and how many action and information adressees?
One originator
unlimited action and information adressees.
Messages addressed to adress indicating groups (AIGs) would most likely contain which type of information
Destructive storm warnings
When a message is unclassified what word or abbreviation should appear on the classification line?
A message readressal refers to what kind of message?
One transmitted to an activity that is not an adressee on the original draft.
Unless otherwise directed, all naval message directives are automatically canceled after what maximum period time?
90 days
Minimize requires message drafters and releasers to make which considerations?
Is electrical transmission essential
A rough draft of naval correspondence to be reviewed by a drafting officer should contain which type of information
All information pertaining to the subject
What should be your first concern is drafting correspondence?
When organizing a naval letter, what information should you include in the first paragraph
Purpose of the letter
You are assigned the task of writing a piece of naval correspondence. Which step should be your first?
Determining the target date
When preparing the rough draft of a naval letter, you should concentrate on which aspects?
The necessary information
When reviewing the rough draft of your correspondence for the first time, which procedures should you follow?
Make brief notes at points where the text can be improved
Before presenting smooth correspondence for signature, you should check for accuracy in what areas?
Standard subject identification codes
Properly labeled and attached enclosures
Correct titles of all addressees
The security classification you assign to naval correspondence is determined by which factor?
The information contained in the correspondence
An endorsement may be placed on the signature page of a naval letter under which circumstances?
The space on the signature page of the basic letter is sufficient to accomodate the entire endorsement.
Correspondence that is used as informal communication between subordinates within the same activity can be accomplished by using which methods?
From-to memorandum
What is the purpose of a NAVGRAM?
Urgent communications between DOD adressees
Our Navy uses a standard filing system for which reason?
Frequent rotation of personnel
Which classified material does not require controlled routing?
When filing material you should include what...?
the incoming document
a copy of the outgoing correspondence
any essential supporting documents