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An element that enables a sea-dependent nation to project its political, economic, and military strenghts seaward is known as
Sea power
The true strength of sea power can only be measured in terms of a nation's ability to use the sea to further its
national objectives
It is more feasible to send naval forces, in comparison to other military forces, into crisis areas for which reason?
The cost is low
Naval forces can stay on station indefinitely
Naval forces leave behind no physical reminders of their presence
To continue to exist as we know it today United States must have a policy that recognizes its...?
Worldwide commitments
What are the three fundamental pillars on which the US military strategy rests?
Deterrence, forward defense, and alliance solidarity
Which responses could the US take in the event of aggression by a potential enemy?
Meet force with force
Control duration of the fighting
Increase the intensity of the conflict
The Navy has the ability to outlast any aggressor with?
Secure sea-lanes
In time of emergency the Navy must be able to venture into harm's way?
Which of the following is NOT a component of the TRIAD of strategic nuclear forces?
Aircraft carrier battle group
What is the most flexible element of the TRIAD
Long-range bombers
What is the sole mission and fundamental reason for the existence of the fleet ballistic missile submarine
To deter war
The TRIAD has been develop and maintained for which of the following purposes?
To deter nuclear attack
Ships of the Second Fleet patrol some of the world's most important trade routes. In what area of the world does the Second Fleet normally patrol?
Western Atlantic
Which fleet would you find in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean regions?
Which terms describes an attack that is intended to inflict damage to, seize, or destroy an objective?
Which characteristics of a strike force is one of its greates assets?
Which type of task forces is/are organized primarily for strike force operations?
The primary mission of our submarine force is to destroy which of the following types of enemy ships?
The first fleet ballistic missile submarine was launched in what year?
When the term "TRIDENT" is used, is is understood to include which of the following elements?
The base
The missile
The submarine
Trident I missiles have a multiple warhead capability and a maximum range of how many nautical miles?
The destruction or neutralization of enemy targets ashore through the use of conventional or nuclear weapons
The destruction or neutralization of enemy surface combatans and merchant ships
Antisurface ship
Naval operations generally accepted as being nonconventional in nature
This type of warfare prevents the effective use of cargo-carrying vessels by the enemy
Antisurface ship
Correctly interpreted, this type of warfare permits military decisions to be based on accurate knowledge of the enemy's forces and capabilities
Which type of warfare assists in detecting and targeting hostile forces and making it more difficult for the enemy to detect and target friendly forces?
Antiship missiles can be launched several hundred miles from the target. From which platforms can they be launched?
Surface ships
The Aegis weapons system is installed on which of the following platforms?
F-14 aircraft
Capable of simultaneously tracking 24 hostile air targets and launching 6 missiles against 6 different targets
Has a very small cross section and flies at low altitude; radar detection is difficult.
Fires 20-mm, high-density penetrating projectiles at 3000 rounds per minute
Has a 500-lb high-explosive warhead and a contact fuse
Provides defense against close-in sea-skimming cruise missiles
If your ship is assigned to the Second Fleet, it would probably conduct refresher training at which location?
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Routine drills are based on ship bills and stem from basic bills outlined in which publication
US Navy Regulations
Refresher Team Training Manual
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy
What inspection is conducted to test the operational ability of crew and ship in wartime conditions?
Operational Readiness
What inspection is scheduled by higher authority, without the knowledge of the CO, to determine if the ship is fit for continued naval service
Through the various treaties with other countries in the world, what portion of the land are are we committed to defend?
Our naval forces conduct various exercises with allied forces for which of the following reasons?
To professionally operate as one unit
To ensure your work center meets the deadlines set for the completion of task, which of the following factors must you properly manage?
Personnel, material and time
Which of the following resources within your division are the most important in accomplishing a task?
Personnel and materials
As a minimum, how often should you assess your division's personnel and material readiness?
When you assess you workers' job performance, you should look at which areas?
Attitude, knowledge, and work habits
To keep abreast of the knowledge and experience of your personnel, you should randomly review each member?
Training record
At a minimum, how often should you take inventory so that you will know when to order additional supplies?
Which of the following logs is used by your division or department to maintain its supply inventory?
The equipment deficiency list contains what information?
when it was discovered and action taken
the space and space location
the problem or deficiency
What is the work center's most valuable resource?
The Enlisted Distribution Verification Report can better enable your division to fulfill which requirements without an adverse effect?
Temporary additional duty
Based on the ship's overall manpower, how are TAD requirements usually allocated
By department
Which of the following schedules allows for losses in manpower, logistics problems, work stoppages, and personnel training.
Work center schedule
From the annual employment schedule, all other schedules are developed.
When you attend department meetings, remember to check which factors before the meeting
Work progress
As a major job completion dates near, you should never allow which situation to happen.
Neglect minor jobs
Assigning your junior petty officers challenging jobs will increase which skills?
The work center supervisor has the complete responsability for the completion of a job
When delegating authority, you should delegate to which of the following competent levels to develop your subordinates?
You should inform your subordinates of their standing in the division in which ways?
By the use of counseling
Who generates letters of instruction and command counseling sheets?
Division officer
Division Chief
Counseling sheets and letters of instruction are entered in a member's service record
A page 13 entry reflects which type of job performance?
Good and Bad
Of the 12 evaluation trait blocks of the performance evaluation form, which one is/are reserved for E7 through E9 evaluations only?
The Navy's enlisted performance evaluation system provides an opportunity for individuals to submit information they feel should be included in their performance evaluation. Which method is used by an individual to provide this information?
Submitting an Individual Input Form to the supervisor
How often are enlisted performance evaluation reports normally submitted?