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How many lookouts do you have during peacetime?
3 person watch team
Where are fog lookouts normally located and using what 2 personnel?
On the bow and there is a lookout and a phone talker
What are the 3 bearings?
relative true and magnetic
How does your night vision work?
After 10 min you can see fairly well but after 30 min you have reached your best night vision this is called dark adaptation
How far from your mouth should the mouth piece from a sound powered phone be?
1/2 to 1 inch
What are the 3 categories that a sound powered phone fasll under?
primary auxiliary and supplementary systems
What is code alpha flag?
dver down
What is the flag Kilo?
Pesonnel working aloft
What is the flag Oscar?
man overboard
What is the flag Papa?
Personnel recall
What is the flag Quebec?
Boat recall all boats return to ship
What i the flag Romeo?
Ready duty in port prearing to replensh at sea.
Whn underway where is the enign flown from?
the gaff
What is the spread eagle on the flagstaff?
Any civilian or flag officer who rates a 19 gun salute or more
What is the Halbert flagstaff for?
For a flag or general officer who rates less than 19 guns or a civil officail whos saute is 11 guns but less that 19
What is the ball flagstaff for?
Captain and certain diplomats
What is a star flagstaff for?
a commander
What is a flat truck for?
For an officer below the grade of commander
What are ships of the lines?
Were the battleships of the sailing days they carried 60 to over 100 various guns
What are frigates?
These were the cruisers of the 18th century generally carried 28-44 guns
What were the sloops of the war?
Were small sailing warships they carried 10-20 guns
What were privateers?
Used to capture enemy merchant ships as prizes
What was the first flagship?
USS Alfred
Approxiamtely how many ships did the British lose to privateers?
In what capacity did women first serve as members of the Navy?
In what year was the Women Armed Services Integration Act passed?
What ship was the first warfare submarine?
Who was president when the US Navy dept was established?
John Adams
What was the decisive battle of World war II that became the turning point of the war in the Pacific?
Battle of midway
Who led the naval forces into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured US frigate USS Philadelphia?
Stphen decatur
What moon missioned was completely manned bu navy perosnnel?
Apollo 12
In 1843 what invention incorporated in the USS Princeton paved the way form progress in the development of propulsion system?
The screw propeller
In what war did women first serve as members of the Navy?
Remeber the Maine referrring to the USS Maine was the battle cry for which war?
The spanish-american war
In waht year were the first nuclear powered surface ships launced?
In what year did the USS Nautilius make its history-making transpolar voyage?
Which ship was the worlds first nuclear powered carriedr?
The enterprise
What were the types of ships built during World War II?
Net tender, mine sweeper, repair ships
What category of ships carrid the largest # f guns?
Sloops of the lines
What persn defined sea power showed the inortance of knowig naval needs and advcated a large powerful navy?
Alfred T Mahan
During what Civil war battle was the order Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead give
Mobile bay
Who was the nays first aviator?
Cat Chambers
What was the first aircraft carrier designed from the keep up?
USS ranger
The second continental congress approved the purchase of how many vessels?
The first half of the century saw a development that was to change navies all over the world. What was the development?
Steam power
What country was th efirst to recognize he stars and stripes?
What arfe the principle development of the Trident system?
Nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missle system, stategic weapon system, and integrated logistics support system
During WW II the Navy was involved in which Atlantic action?
The invasion of Normandy
What was the first naval battle that the opposingfllets did not see each other?
The battle of Coral sea
When di dthe expression Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute originate?
During the quasi war
Which of the following are the most recent addtion to the surface fleet?
Both Ticonderoga class cruiser and arleigh burke class destroyers
O n which of the following great lakes did Captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeat a British squadron, cutting British supply lines?
Lake Erie
During WW II WAVES were eligible for how many ratings?
On which special occasions is a 21 gun salute fres at 1 min intervals?
Independence day, Pesidents Day and Memorial Day
An enlisted person and 2 officerrs are about to board a boat. What should you do.
Board and sit aft
What is the most common salute/
Passing honors for boats are exchanged when boats are within what distance?
400 yards
Passing honors for ships are exchanged when ships pass within what distance?
600 yards
What defines a ceremony?
A formal act performed on a public occasion
You are not required to salute when?
When guarding prisoners
When the national anthem is being played sailors in a boat must adhere to which of the following rules?
Only the boat officer salutes, remain seated at attention
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
The national ensign is hoisted and lowered in what manner?
Hoisted smrtly, lowered cermoniously
Gun salutes are normally fired at what time interval?
5 seconds
What define a custom?
An act that is continued consistently over a long period of time a well defined and uniformly followed
ratings are divided into how many categories?
What page of your enlisted service record contains informaion on youroccupational training and awrds you've recieved?
page 4 NAVPERS1070/604
Which personnel make up the Professional development Board?
Command master Chief, Command career counsler, Educational service officer
What training is an important part of the Navy leadership continuum?
In the navy there are how many ratings available?
3 sea, shore and neutral duty
What pub contain the list of training manuals?
Catalog of nonresident training courses NAVEDTRA 12061
What section of the pqs standards deals with the major working parts of an installation?
How many traits are evaluated on the eval report and counseling record
How many different forms are contained in the enlisted services record?
Wha is a general rating?
a broad occupatioal field requiring h same general qualfications ad incudes similar duties
hen should you submit a duty preference form?
6 months after reporting aboard
What is the form you should submit for a duty preference?
NAVPERS 1306/63
What is the differnece between naval and occupational standards?
Naval standards are the militar requirements for a particular paygrade and occupational standards are standards are technical standards for articular paygrade
What prgram allows an enlisted person to complete a bach. degree within 2 yrs while receiving full pay and allownaces andbe commisioned upon grad.?
Enlisted commisioning program
There are how many types of discharge and what are they?
5 Honorable, general, other than honorable, bad conduct, and dishonorable