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At what age did Shimabuku begin his study of karate?

8 years old

In what way is naihanchi kata different from all other Katas in the very first move?

It starts with both hands in an open position

How many naihanchi katas are there?

4 (naihanchi sho dan, naihanchi ni dan, naihanchi san dan, and the Isshinryu version)

Where would you use naihanchi kata?

In narrow spaces, like between parked cars, in an alley it between trees

What do the letters translate to on the Mizugami?

Isshinryu karate

What does the water signify on the Mizugami?

The troubled Waters a karate-ka should rise above

What does the gray background mean on the Mizugami?

The peace and tranquility a karate-ka should strive for

Why does the Mizugami have a red border?

The red border signifies the fire associated with Shimabuku's dream

Who mastered the 180 degree turn?

Master Itso

What is the spear hand called in Okinawan?

Nukite (new-key-tay)

What is the middle part of the body called in Okinawan?


What is the lower part of the body called in Okinawan?


What is the upper part of the body called in Okinawan?


Who is the father of karate?


Why does Mizugami have one hand closed and one hand open?

Open hand for peace, closed hand for strength (I don't want to fight but I will if I have to)

What part of the fist do you strike with in Isshinryu?

The first two big knuckles