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Emancipation proclamation


American civil war


Enfranchisement of all except women


Registered black voters Louisiana

1896 - 130,000

1904 - 1,300

KKK revived


Plessy v Ferguson

1896 - Supreme Court rules that despite 14th amendment separate but equal is ok

Northern migration



Founded 1920s - Universal Negro Improvement Association - Large Secular organisation for African Americans by Marcus Garvey


National Association of the Advancement of Coloured People - established 1909

Resettlement Administration

Set up May 1935 to give financial aid in form of loans to farmers but only helped 3k/200k black farmers.

Petition to get help to go to Africa

1939, signed by 2m

Black population of Chicago doubles


Executive order 8802

1941 - no racial desctimination in the defence industry (not army) overseen by Fair Employment Practices Committee

Philip A Randolph threatens march

On Washington, 1941, about discrimination in employment - especially military


Congress of Racial Equality 1942

Civil rights committee Truman


'To Secure These Rights'

1947 - report from civil rights committee

2 Executive orders by Truman on civil rights

1948 - desegregate military, fair employment practices in civil service

Federal Employment Board

1948 - equal treatment in federal employment agencies

White citizens council

1954 - to fight desegregation and civil rights

NAACP gain members

1940 - 50k

1950 - 500k

Silent Protest Parade

1917 - 10k black peoples March in NY against anti-black protests and lunching that year

Brown v Board of Education

1954- Supreme Court rules separate but equal public schools were unconstitutional

Death of Emmett Till


Montgomery bus boycotts

Dec 1955 - Dec 1956 lasting 380 days

% of Montgomery bus users who are black

75% - 90% of which boycotted busus


1956 during bus boycotts by MLK

Supreme Court rules bus segregation unconstitutional

Nov 1956

Eisenhower's civil rights legislation

1957 - so all Americans could exercise the right to vote, set up civil rights commission to gather info on this

1960 - federal inspections of voting places and penalties to those who tried to get in way

% increase in black voting by 1960


Little Rock

1957 - Elizabeth Eckford was photographed walking through angry mob to return home after being turned away by National Guard under order of Faubus - Eisenhower sent federal troops

Greensboro sit-ins

Started on 1st Feb 1960

Woolworth's deseregates

July 1960


1960 - racially intergrated students

Freedom rides


ICC order interstate terminals to show signs offering desegregated seating

Interstate Commerce Commission - Nov 1961

Albany, Georgia

SNCC SCLC both involved in protesting against segregation 1961-62

Lordy Pritchett

Chief of police in Albany for the 1961-62 campaign

Battle of Ole Miss

1962 James Meredith denied entry to university of Mississippi, went to court, won, ordered to be allowed in, protests broke out between those for and those against. Robert Kennedy was his attorney

JFK outlaws poll tax as a way of qualifying voters


'Bull' Connor

Chief of police in Birmingham

Protests in Birmingham start

3rd April 1963

Birmingham protests w children

2nd-5th May 1963

% of Americans who thought race was America's most pressing issue

42% after Birmingham, 4% before

March on Washington

August 1963

JFK meets w black leaders to win support for civil rights legislation

May-July 1963

4 little girls killed

September 1963 - 16th Street Baptist church bombing Birmingham

'Freedom Summer'

1964 - SNCC push voting registration, murders and violence & 1.6k/17k black ppl accepted as voters

LBJ's CR act

July 1964 - no segregation or discrimination, schools desegregate immediately, no discrimination in bigger businesses - others in 3 years,

% of the pop who favoured CR legislation by 1964



1965 (after CR act 1964, before that in 1965)

black people that could vote by early 1965 Selma


LBJ's Voting Rights Act

1965 - all devices used to stop black voters are abolished and federal agents sent to register where under half of the black population are registered

Malcolm X goes to Mecca

Spring 1964

Malcolm X (unsuccessfully) form the Organisation for African American Unity


Malcolm X assassinated

Feb 1965

James Farmer of CORE replaced

by Floyd McKissik 1966 - decline of CORE bc denies help from white people

new leader of SNCC

Stokeley Carmichael 1966 - decline of SNCC bc Carmichael leaves to join Black Panthers

Black panthers set up


Newton convicted of manslaughter, Seale accused


Black panthers die down


King assassinated

4 April 1968

CR Act after MLK's death

10 April 1968

fairer access to housing

King in Chicago


Black population of Chicago


Low turn-out rally in chicago

July - only 30,000 out of expected 100,000

King leaves Chicago

Autumn 1966

King publishes 'Where do we go from here?'


King's last campaign

March 1968, protest w sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee

Swan v Charlotte Mecklenburg

1971 - SC upholds bussing

SC rules that white children should not be bussed into the inner-cities


Carter appoints black man as US ambassador to UN

Andrew Young

Statistics to show black people hadnt made that much progress by 1980

- half all black children lived below the poverty line

-membership of KKK tripled 1970s

-average black wages were half that of white counterparts

-high crime in ghettos

Statistics to show black people had made progress by 1980

-1/3 of black people = middle class

-number of black officials nearly reflected their proportion in the population

-sports and entertainment celebs


Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching - 1930

got 1355 ppl sign

show FEPC weren't that successful

1942 250k Ford workers in Detroit strike bc black women had been added to workforce

by 1957 CR Act % of black Southeners not registered to vote


violence when MLK dies


disturbances in 130 diff cities

130 deaths

Nixon funds all white segregationist priv school


Office of minority bussiness enterprise

Brought in by Nixon - to encourage black business