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What is an IUD?
It is a piece of plastic that prevents pregnancy by not allowing sperm to fertilize the egg.
What is a DIAPHRAGM?
It prevents you from getting pregnant by keeping sperm from entering the uterus by blocking the cervix.
What is a CONDOM?
It acts like a barrier and is made of latex. It keeps the sperm from entering the vagina.
The sprem tubes(Vas Deferens) are cut to stop sperm from traveling into the woman's vagina.
When a woman's fallopian tubes are tied together and stops the releasing of an egge so that it can't reach the uterus.
It is when a guy removes his penis from the woman's vagina before he ejaculates. It prevents you from getting pregnant becaue he can release outside the vagina.
What is the RHYTHM METHOD?
It is when you do not have sex around the time of ovulation. So no egg is released during this time.
What is the PILL?
It prevents ovulation. She can not get pregnant if no egg is released.
Spermicide is used to kill the sperm. It kills it before it is able to swim into the uterus.
This prevents the releasing of eggs. It thickens the cervix to prevent sperm from entering. It also prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.
What is the function of the OVARIES?
They produce the female hormone called estrogen and store female sex cells.
What are the function of the FALLOPIAN TUBES?
It carries the egg and sperm. And is where fertilization takes place. Carries egg from ovary to uterus.
What is the function of the UTERUS?
This is where the egg gets nutrients and allowed to develop until birth. Contracts to push baby out. It holds developing embryo and foetus.
What is the function of the VAGINA?
Muscular tissue expands when in labour. Produces lubrication for penis entering. A passageway for the baby to pass at birth.
What is the function of the VULVA?
It allows things to go in. Such as penises and others.
What is the function of the CERVIX?
A ring of muscle closes during pregnancy. Opens during labour.
What is the function of the TESTES?
Responsible for making testosterone and also for generating sperm.
What is the function of the PENIS?
It passes sperm into woman. It transports semen and urine through it.
What is the function of the ERECTILE TISSUE?
Fills with blood to make a man's penis erect.
What is the function of the SPERM TUBES?
Carries sperm from testes to penis.
What is the function of the GLANDS?
Secretes a luid that is released in response to sexual stimulation to carry sperm.
What is the 1-4 stage of the menstrual cycle?
What is the MENSES?
The lining of the uterus (endometrium) comes away from the uterus wall and the bloood and tissues pass out via vagina.
When the follicles in the ovary grow and forms an egg. The lining of the uterus starts to get a bit thick.
The mature follicle in one of the ovaries releases its egg.
What happens to a girl during puberty?
Hips Widen
Pubic Hair
Ovaries start to release eggs
Monthly Periods
What happens to a boy during puberty?
Underarm Hair
Pubic Hair
Testes start making sperm
Penis grows bigger/Voice Deepens
What causes puberty?
Your hormones go into overdrive.
What is the steps of fertilization?
A mature egg is released from the ovary during ovulation
It travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus
Millions of sperm meet up with the egg in the fallopian tube.
The nucleus of the sperm joins with the nucleus of the egg.
The fertilized egg is called a zygote.
The zygote implants itself in the endometrium and starts to develop.
What is the structure of the sperm and egg.
Egg and Sperm- Cell Membrane,Nucleus,Cytoplasm