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a long double stranded molecule that contains the hereditary information
a piece of RNA that contains the instructions for the assembly of a string of amino acids into a protein
a long string of amino acids that coils and folds into a piece of cellular machinery such as enzyme or hormone
a section of a DNA molecule that encodes the instructions to build a single protein
messenger RNA
proteins are made of these
amino acids
a long strand of supercoiled DNA and protein that is invisible in the nucleus using a microscope
DNA is made of these
a type of RNA that carries amino acids to the ribosome for assembly into protein
transfer RNA
this cell organelle attaches to mRNA and builds proteins
sex is controlled by mammals by chromosomes. Describe how it is different
bees ant wasps, baby fed Royal jelly queen, if not worker bee

in reptiles, alligator, turtle, if the temp is warm sex will be a female. If its cold sex will be a male.