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Positive correlation...

direct association, as 1 variable increases so does the other variable

negative correlation...

as 1 variable increases the other variable decreases

no correlation...

no relationship, results appear random

Graph- description...

1) positive/negative correlation

2) data

describe graph

-negative correlation

-correct reference to increase/decrease at 14-30m

Graph- explain...

1) positive/negative correlation

2) correlation not mean cause

*why? eg- more cholesterol in blood

leds to CHD

-negative correlation

-correlation not mean causation

-other factors given

Graph- Evaluate...

1) positive/negatives of what graph shows

Control group... testing...

-Drug (oral)

-Drug (injected)


Control group- how do all be treated...

exactly the same as the experiment group

Control group... how to do the testing...

-oral (pill) = placebo

-injection = saltwater

-food = without drug in

Control group... why...

for comparison on the effect of the drug

empa why plunge the mixture in the serial dilution so often...

ensure solution fully mixes togehter and diffuses throughout the liquid

empa why break the cabbage leaves...

maximise surface area of cabbage, increase rate of pigment diffusing out of the cabbage cells

empa advantage of carnivores having gastric juice...

protease used to break down proteins into amino acids in carnivorous foods work best at low ph (acidic)

empa digestion in stomach...

1) food mixed with acidic gastric juice this

-kills microorganisms

-containd proteases which breaks down protein to amino acids

empa starch digestion.. SAM

S- salivary

A- amylase

M- maltose

empa starch digestion... PAM

P- pancreatic

A- amylase

M- maltose

empa Starch digestion... MEG

M- moltase

E- embedded in the small intestine, epithelium cell

G- glucose

empa phosolipid bilayer moves by...

simple diffusion- passive

high conc to low conc

head= hydrophilic

tail= hydrophobic

empa channel protein + carrier protein move...

facilitated diffusion

high conc to low conc