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Progesterone Roles?

primary function in women:

- acts as a "fertilizer" in that in preps the uterine lining for implantation of the ovum and maintains that lining through out pregnancy. It makes the "growing" environment suitable for ovum

-Also promotes mammary tissue growth

Cortisol Roles?

synthesized and secreted from cells of adrenal glands, aka hydrocortisone

-Liver: increase glycogen synthesis and gluconeogenesis

-skeletal muscle: DECREASE glucose uptake and protein synthesis, INCREASE protein catabolism (break down)

- adipose tissue: increase lipid mobilization and decrease glucose uptake

Aldosterone roles?

also synthesized and released from the cells in the adrenal cortex.

-increase reabsorption of Na+ in kidney, intestines, salivary and sweat glands.

-Net effect- retention of Na+ in ECF, thus increase ECF vol.

-this causes incr. blood vol, increase BP and blood flow

Testosterone Roles?

Synthesized in Male Leydig cells of the testes

-Aids in sperm maturation

-development of secondary sex characteristics

Estradiol Roles?

-primary estrogen in women

-synthesized in the theca cells of the ovarian follicles

-secondary sex characteristics

-regulate ovarian cycle

-control certain metabolic processes

Prostaglandin roles?

- produced by almost all cell sin the body

-act as paracrine or autocrine hormones

-regulate synthesis of cAMP

-effects on smooth muscle function, sleep-wake cycle, elevation of body temp associated with fever and pain

Vitamin (definition)

an essential nutrient that CANNOT be synthesized by the body and must therefore be consumed thru the diet.

-water or lipid soluble

-lipid sol. can be stored in fat, water sol excreted thru urine

Which are the fat soluble vitamins?

A, D, E, K

Vitamin A (roles)

aka carotene

-vision, growth & development, immune function


Vitamin D (roles)

aka cholecalciferol

-consumed or formed in a UV driven reaction in the skin

-its metabolite increases calcium and phosphate uptake in the intestines

-thus, promote bone production

-lack of vitamin D- Rickets- curved long bones in kids

vitamin E (roles)

biological antioxidants

-its aromatic ring reacts with free radicals, thus destroying them

-prevent oxidative damage, an important contributor to cancer and aging

Vitamin K

actually a group of compounds,

- vital role in forming blood clotting factors

- also required to introduce calcium binding sites on several calcium dependent proteins