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Test For Starch

1. Fill test tube with food extract

2. Add two or three drops of iodine solution

If present = Blue Black

If not = Yellow/Light Brown

Test For Sugar

1. Put food sample in a test tube

2. Place a beaker on a heat proof mat, fill half with boiling water.

3. Add Benedicts Solution to test tube with food sample, place in hot water

If present = Red or Orange maybe Green

If not = Blue

Test For Protein

1. Fill test tube with protein sample

2. Add five six drops of Biuret Solution - Copper Sulphate + Sodium Hydroxide

If present = Purple, Violet or Lilac

If not = Blue

Test For Fat

1. Put chopped or grinded sample of fat in a test tube

2. Add ethanol, enough to cover the sample

3. Put a stopper and shake contents

4. Add water to half fill test tube

5. Shake test tube again

If present = White emulsion, looks Cloudy White or Milkey

If not = Nothing Happens


Breaks down proteins -> amino acids

- egg


Break down fats -> fatty acids and glycerol

- butter


Break down starch -> glucose

- bread


Break down cellulose fibres


Proteins produces by organisms that speed up chemical reactions - biological catalyst


Breaks down pectines

- used for extracting fruit juices and softening vegetables


● Parallel veins

● Long narrow leaves

● Flowers parts are in multiples of three

● One cotyledon inside each seed


● Network of branching veins

● Broad leaves

● Stamens are in multiples of four or five in each flower

● Two cotyledons inside each seed

Osmosis - Dialysis Tubing

Cell A - increases in mass, water diffuses into the cell by osmosis

Cell B- decrease in mass, water diffuses out the cell by osmosis

Osmosis - Potato Cells

A - not as firm as from the start

B - same length and firmness from the start

C - shorter, softer and bendier then from the start

Leaf Test For Starch

Starch present = blue, black

Not present = red/brown