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This part of the brain controls thought, memory, learning and some voluntary movements.
The brain stem or medulla is the ____________(size) part of the brain.
What is the job of the cerebellum?
to coordinate muscles so you can walk and run
The left side of the brain controls what?
number skills, written language, reasoning, spoken language, right hand control.
Various events can cause damage to the brain. Name two.
head injury, alcohol & drug abuse, poor care before birth, lack of oxygen to brain, stroke
The brain stem controls what 3 things?
breathing, heartbeat and digestion
The brain lets us feel what? Give one example.
hunger, pain, sadness, hapiness
The right side of the brain controls what?
insight, art awareness, imagination, music, awareness, left hand control.
How much does the human brain weigh?
about 3 lbs.
The brain stem is the enlarged upper part of the _____________.
spinal cord
What is the largest part of the brain called?
The brain coordinates 3 things...what are they?
movements, breathing, heartbeat
The cerebellum is smaller or larger than the cerebrum?
Your __________ bring information about the world back to be interpreted.
The cerebrum is divided into 4 parts called ___________.
Cerebrum is split into two halves called _____________.
Brain cells are specialized and are called ____________.