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What is a PET scan?
-computer generated pictures of the brain

-radoiactive tracer is taken

-emits radioactivity as glucose

-positrons which are emitted turn into gamma rays

-coloured images - red, yellow and green

What is a MRI scan?
-uses magnetic and radio waves

-hydrogen atoms move back into position and the commuter turns these into pictures

-black and white

Who was Phineas Gage?

What does he show?

-american railway engineer who is remembered for surviving a fatal accident

-large iron rod went through frontal lobe

- He shows that the frontal lobe does control behaviour, as his personality and behaviour changed after the accident

What is a twin study?
-compares how similar twins are with their other town

-Can use MZ or DZ twins

-measures the rate of concordance/rate of similarity

Why do Psychologists do twin studies?
-If the rate of concordance is high we can say that it is genetic and if low we know it isn't

-Twin studies help to show whether a trait or behaviour is genetic or down to nurture

What is a concordance rate?
-The rate of similarity

-measured as a percentage or decimal

What is an adoption study?
-Test the effects of environment when no genes are shared
What is an example of a twin study on Schizophrenia?
-Gottesman and Shields (1966)

-concordance of 48% in MZ

-'' '' 17% in DZ

Strengths of Twin studies

-can see whether it's nurture or nature