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cells carry genetic information in packages of DNA called....


most______ have only one strand of circular DNA


in eukaryotic cells, the genetic structure consist of DNA and a tightly wound protein which together form a substance called...


the beadlike structure formed by DNA wrapped around__________ molecules are called nucleosomes

8 histone protein

________make possible the precise separation of DNA during cell division


what is the name of the type of cell division in prokaryotic cell cycle

binary fission

what happens during interphase?

G1 G2 S phase

in eukaryotic cells what happens in the g1 phase?

cells grow and synthesize

what happens in G2 in eukaryotic cells?

cells prepare for division

in eukaryotic cells, what are the two main stages for cell divison?

interphase mitosis

during prophase, when the cell chromosomes become visible what are the duplicated strands of DNA called?


where do the chromatids join together


what structures are spindle fibers attached to that pull the paired chromosomes apart?


chromosomes separate and move to opposite ends of the cell


chromosomes become visible, the centrioles take up positions on opposite sides of nucleus


nuclear envelope reforms around chromosome clusters, nucleolis becomes visible in daughter cell


chromosomes line up in the center of the cell


in which phase do chromosomes become visible?


in which phase do the chromosomes move until they form 2 groups on opposite ends of spindles?


what is cytokinesis

division of cytoplasm

cytokinesis in animals cells

cleavage furrow centrioles seen asters not seen

cytokinesis in plant cells

cell plate centrioles not seen asters seen


cells tend to continues dividing when they come into contact with other cells

false stop


cell division speeds up when the healing process nears completion

false slow down


proteins called growth factors regulate the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells

false cyclin


if chromosomes have not attached to the spindle fibers during metaphase, an internal regulatory protein will prevent the cell for entering anaphase



growth factors are external regulatory proteins that slow down the cell cycle

false speed up


once apoptosis is triggered, a cell proceeds to self-destruct


what is cancer?

when cells has uncontrolled growth

what is the cause of cancer?

defective check point gene

radiation and chemotherapy________

stop the cell cycle at a specific check point

cancer cells do not respond to signals that regulate cell _____


cancer cells form a mass of cells called a


cancer cells may break loose and____throughout the body


cancer cells for tumors in other tissues by____


DD and dd are genotypes for tall and short, they are....

alleles of the same gene

what did mendel see when he cross fertilized P plants that had different alleles?

all F1 plants has the trait of one or the other plant

crossing red and white snapdragons yields seed that grow into pink snapdragons, what do these results support?

blending hypothesis of inheritance

crossing 2 pink snaps. yields red, white, and pink seeds, these results support....

unblended discrete units of inheritance hypothesis

what is the physical basis for the independent assortment observation that mendel made

homologous chromosomes are randomly separated during meiosis 1

the law of independent assortment states that in genetic formation, gene pairs are_________

transmitted independently to each other

when mendel crossed plants and followed 2 characters(dihybrid cross) he saw a 9:3:3:1 ratio of characters in the offspring, what did he conclude?

complete dominance

a picture of the set of chromosomes from a cell is___


people with down syndrome have

a diploid set of chromosomes plus one extra #21