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A cell is the smallest unit capable of?

carrying on all life processes

Two categories of cell?

1. Prokaryotic

2. Eukaryotic

Which category of cells does have a nucleus and


Eukaryotic cells.


Subcategories of classifying living things are?

Genus and species

In this lab we examined?

(2 things)

1. Prokaryotic cells (bacteria)

2. Members of the Kingdom Fungi (Eukaryotic)

Bacteria can be?

(3 types of feeders)

1. Autotrophs (self-feeders)

2. Heterotrophs (other feeders)

3. Pathogens (disease causing)

True or False

Fungi are unicellular or multicellular



Fungi are what type of feeder?

What do they serve as in the ecosystem?

Fungi are Heterotrophs.

Serve as Decomposers in the ecosystem.

*(some of them are pathogens)

Prokaryotic is the name that means (translates)?

"before the nucleus"

Prokaryotic cells are classified in which

2 domains?

1. Bacteria

2. Archaea

Example of prokaryotic cell?


Eukaryotes are found under which domain?

Eukarya Domain

Eukaryotes include four kingdoms, what are they?


1. Protista

2. Fungi

3. Plantae

4. Animalia

True or False

Eukaryotes can be unicellular or multicellular?


Unicellular = Yeast

Multicellular = Plants and Animals

Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have basic?

(4 things)

1. Metabolic functions

2. Ribosomes

3. Plasma Membranes

4. DNA

A Bacterial Cell commonly has one of three shapes, what are they?

1. Coccus (Spherical)

2. Bacillus (Rod shaped)

3. Spirillum (Twisted Rod)

Many bacteria have what for locomotion?


Where is the DNA located in a Prokaryotic Cell?

Nucleoid Region

Why do we incubate Petri Dishes upside down?

(2 reasons why)

To lessen risk of contamination of:

1. Airborne Particles

2. Water accumulation for condensation

In the bacteria "Anabaena" the Heterocyst

functions as what?

Heterocyst = Fixes Nitrogen

Every bacterial cell contains?

(4 things)

1. Nuclear Material

2. Cytoplasm

3. Cell Membrane

4. Cell Wall

Many bacteria are surrounded by?

a Slime Capsule

Bacteria are the smallest cells visible under?

Light Microscope

Reproduction of bacteria occurs through?

Binary Fission

(cell division occurs once every 20-30 min.)

One method used to produce germ free

conditions is?

Steam Sterilizing in an autoclave

(large pressure cooker)

An Antibiotic is an organic compound that does what?

inhibits the growth of or destroys other


What is the oldest and best known Antibiotic?


(produced by the blue mold "Penicillium")

An Antiseptic is usually a?

Inorganic Compound

(inhibits or destroys microorganisms on


Ex: iodine, bleach, alcohol

Most Bacteria are aerobic or anaerobic?

Aerobic; requires oxygen to live

Most Bacteria are HETEROTROPHIC, which means?

Unable to synthesize their food molecules;

must ingest organic molecules from their


*some bacteria are autotrophs

Bacteria can be grown in nutrient liquids called?


*can also be grown on solid surfaces

The most common solid medium used to grow bacteria is called AGAR, which is?

an extract from red seaweed.

Agar is dissolved in?

Hot Water

* forms a gel when cooling.