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What are the dates of Big Ticket?
July 29th through Friday, September 29th, for 9 weeks.
Which core products are we to accelerate during the campaign?
Net DDA, Consumer Loans, and Small Business (Project Gold).
What can an employee win?
Rountrip airfare, hotel, event tickets, and transporation to either the Final Four, Super Bouwl, Masters Golf, Kentucky Derby, World Series, or US Open Tennis
What are the other prizes?
$2000, $1000, or $500 to the District for a party, US Bank hooded sweatshirts.
What are Bonus Points Bankers can achieve during Big Ticket?
Cash Flow Manger - 900 immediate points. Bus. Reserve Line - 750 points credited in Q4. Quick Loan - 600 points + 2.5% of loan amount.
How can we use BLAST to reach over 100% in every product category?
There are Leads such as businesses that only have DDA.
Where can I get Small Business (Project Gold) marketing materials?
Get item numbers from the Marketing on Demand website and order through E-Partner Express.
Where can I get a non-customer prospect list?
The Small Busienss home page of the USBnet.
What other things should we look for regarding Small Business?
Crossell Merchaant Services, Business Credit Cards, and of course, checking!
What does your "lift" mean?
Ther percentage of increase you will get over a period of time such as a daily lift or weekly lift.
Is the bank offering special rates on Small Busienss Products?
CFM- 1.00% for 6 months, no annual fee for the 1st year. .25% discount on quick (installment) loans. No SBA fees on CFM and Quick Loans.
Why is this campaign so important?
It is a preface to Fall Campaign and we can practice getting to 100%.
Why is Fall Campaign the biggest of the year?
4th quarter is the last push for the bank to meet it's financial goals and please the shareholders. You can earn alot of money and the Mgr. can win a big all expenses paid trip. Your Bankers get a party and auction!
What is a Quick start in Fall Campaign?
2 weeks prior to the campaign, a product will be chosen to concentrate on reaching 100% of that category before the campaign actually begins! It will give us a huge lift.
What's the first thing to do when a new campaign rolls out?
Read all the materials, understand the products, roll it out to your staff, and make a kickoff in your branch.