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Alpha-1 Blocker
Dosage-Oral initally 100mg BID
Inc to maint of 4-800mg for mild-Mod HTN
1.2g daily for Sev HTN
IV- 10mg IV push over 1-2 min
May repeat or Dbl dose every 10 min up to 150mg
After inital dose infusion can be started at 1-2mg/min
Indications: Control of HTN espcially for HTN crisis.
MI and Angina patients
Not used to control arrythimia's
MOA- Non selective Beta Blocker
Neg Inotropic and Chronotropic effects
Indications: Treatment of HTN and CAD
After an MI
for catecholamine excess, eg pheochromocytoma
Migraines, Essential tremors, Esphogeal varices.
Dosage: Arrythmia's 1-3mg slow IV not to exceed 1mg/min repeat after 2 min if needed.
Angina or HTN: orally 40-160mg TID or BID
MOA: Beta 1 blocker
Neg Ino and chronotropic effects
Indications: Stable Angina
Unstable Angina
HTN- Mild to Mod.
Post MI, and CHF
Acute MI: 5mg slow IV, give at 5 min intravals up to 15mg.
Immediate release dose: initally 50mg daily up to 100-300mg daily in 1-2 doses, max dose of 450mg daily.
SR Dose:Max dose of 400mg for angina and HTN.
MOA: Cardio Selective
Reduces both submaximal and maximal exercise HR and delays AV condution.
To drop sys and dia BP by 15-20%
Chronic Angina PEctoris
acute MI
SVT and selected cases of vent arrhymithmias
Dosage: 5mg slow IV over 5 min
wait 10 min then give 2nd dose of 5mg slow IV over 5 min.
In 10 min if tolerated well, my start on 50mg PO then 50mg PO QD.
MOA: Ultra short acting
1/2 life <10min
Used for rapid and shrt term control of Vent rate in A-Fib and A-flutter
Used to control HR in myocardial ischemia
Dosage: Only avail as IV, 500mcg/kg over 1 min, followed by cont infusion of 50mcg/kg per mintitrate to max effect 200mcg/kg/min.
Side Effects: Hypotension
MOA: nonselective B1 and B2 blocker. Also antagonizes Alpha 1.
Indications: HTN, CHF after ACE inhib, diuretics, and or Digoxin
Dosage: HTN 6.25mg BID inc every 2 weeks to a max of 25mg BID.
3.125mg BID inc every 2 weeks to a max of 25mg BID(<85) or 50mg BID(>85kg).
Side Effects: Chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, URI, hyperglycemia.