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Who in Japan would have been most upset by Emperor Tenmu and Empress Jito's reforms?

the local clan leaders

Which country influenced Japanese government starting in the 600s?


What religion came to Japan from China by way of India and Korea?


Whose written language did the Japanese adapt to form their own?


How did Japanese sculptures of the Buddah typically differ from Chinese sculptures of him?

China preferred to use wood.

What were Japan's Buddhist shrines called?


The word samurai means "those who serve." Whom did Japan's samurai serve?

daimyo (lords)

You learned that the samurai valued courage. Which objects could provide evidence of this?


If you were a woman samurai, WHY might it be better to live in the 12th-century Japan than 17th-century Japan?

In 12th-century Japan they were more respected, but in 17th-century Japan they were not respected as much.

What happened at the end of samurai battles?

They cut the heads off the the opponents whilst killing them.

The samurai code emphasized.........

self honor.

Explain the status of samurai women in the 12th century. Explain their status in the 17th century.


17th:lowered/men where head of household

What was the main purpose of the tea ceremony?

to form friendships with other clans/political alliances

How did the samurai influence modern Japan?

swordsmanship/kawa kazes

List the five stages that would occur in a samurai battle.

1.time and place of combat

2.shout out names

3.shout ancestors

4.shout heroic deeds

5.shout reasons for fighting

Name some things that a samurai might have on him durring battle.

Helmet;Mask;Sword;Chest Plate:Shin Guard;Under Armor;Sword