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Valid measures are


Reliable measures are


We often distinguish between events and states in behavioural research. What is the main distinguishing feature of these two classes of behaviour?


"Escape from predator" is an example of what kind of description of behaviour?


“Running tip of bill down primary feather of wing” is an example of what kind of description of behaviour?


Consideration of whether a measure represents particular phenomena is referred to as:

External validity

Calculation of the index of concordance and/or kappa’s coefficient is done to assess what?

Consistency of observations

I plan to study the use of two-leg waves by Jacky lizards, which is a short duration behaviour that I have seen a few times over the years. The best sampling and recording protocol for me to use would be:

behaviour sampling with continuous recording

Sex is an ordinal level of measurement. T or F?


When using instantaneous sampling, shorter time intervals are always better because they represent better the true behaviour.


Cataglyphis ants were able to find their way home in the desert upon locating food using:

both compass and distance information

Wasps returning to the nests after foraging were shown to use which cues to find their way:


Chinese Phrynocephalus lizards use tail signals to communicate with conspecifics. Analyses of seven species revealed that motion signal structure varies due to species and type of movement. What was found to correlate with signal speed?

tail length

Croft et al (2011) caution researchers about hypothesis testing in animal social networks because the approach

generates data that is not independent

In terms of social network analysis, which would be more relevant in the field of wildlife disease ecology for tracking the spread of an infectious disease?

Node degree

The random gas model is used to account for what in analyses of association?



capture light levels and save the data to the device

Stable isotopes are an indirect way to identify where animals have been. Metabolically active tissue are useful for:

within season movement

Tracking of long-tailed mannikins in Costa Rica used which tracking technique?

active radio tracking technologies

Studies of ants returning to their nest showed that manipulating leg length significantly influenced searching behaviour suggesting they keep track of steps. However, subsequent control studies suggested that this was not supported. T or F?