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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When someone continuously has anxiety


persistent and irrational fear of an object or situation.

Obsessive compulsive Disorder

Person is characterized by unwanted repetitive thoughts and or actions

panic disorder

marked by minute long moments of intense dread (you think your dying.) in response to stress

post-tramatic stress disorder

Bad memories, bad dreams.

Dissociative Disorders

stress disorders

Dissociative Amnesia

selective memory loss said to be brought on by stress.

Dissociative Fugue

when a person flees from there home and their identity and starts a new life unconsiously.

Dissociative identity Disorder

person exhibits two or more personalities

Mood Disorders

genetic chemical imbalances

major depressive disorder

common for no reason experiences


Hyperactive and wildly optimistic state

bipolar Disorder

person alternates between mania and depression


chemical, how neurons send chemical messages.

(out of touch with reality)

paranoid Schizophrenic

most common because of their interpretation of reality preoccupation with delusions or hallucinated.

Disorganized Schizophrenic

disorganized speech or behavior or flat or inapropriate emotion

catatonic Schizophrenic

statue line state, immobility of the body represented by negativity over focus.

undifferentiated Schizophrenic

same symptoms but aren't clearly more of the other category

personality Disorders

can have a genetic component

Anitsocial personality Disorder

no guilt, no feeling, violent.

Histrionic personality Disorder

acting out, like cantinas, attention person has a constant need for praise/reassurance.

narcissist personality Disorder

everything revolves around the person. think they are better than anyone else.

borderline personality disorder

a person experiences an unstable way of thinking a sense of identity

paranoid personality disorder

when someone suspects w/o evidence that others are exploiting, harming and deceiving them.

schizoid personality disorer

person shows emotional coldness, detachment or flat affect- (emotions) dont like to be around others, dont want to be in a relationship

schizotypical personality disorder

marked by odd behavior, like to be around others

avoidant personality disorder

one that wants to avoid people. person views them self as socially unacceptable, personally unappealing ashamed.

dependent perosnality disorder

depend on others. difficulty making everyday decisions without excessive advice and reassurance from others.