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Why was "All You Need Is Love" a big first for the Beatles and the world?

John wrote it specifically for the satellite show. It was the first time the whole world would be watching the same thing

Where does George go in the US during the Summer of Love? What was his experience? What effect does it have on him?

-he goes to Haight-Ashbury

-he says it was not at all what he expected and that it was just a bunch of drop-out druggies

-it made him decide to quit LSD

After George quits LSD what pursuit is he drawn to?


Where do the Beatles go to study meditation for the first time and with who?

They meet Maharishi at a lecture in London and go with him to Wales and then to India to practice

What bad news do they receive while in Wales? How are they affected by the news?

They receive the news that Brian Epstein died. They were shocked, saddened, and in grief. It caused them to reevaluate their faith/beliefs

What does Brian's death force the Beatles to do?

it forces them to embrace Apple and manage their own finances

Who, within the Beatles close circle, steps forward to run things?

Neil Aspinal, their road manager

How did Brian's death affect John and Paul's relationship?

Paul tried to carry on as if Brian hadn't died. John was annoyed with Paul for trying to be leader of the group

Who's idea was it to make the Magical Mystery Tour? Where did he get the idea?

-Paul's idea

-got the idea from the Blackpool Lights back in Liverpool

What promotional film do the Beatles send to the Ed Sullivan Show around this time?

"Hello Goodbye"

Why does Ringo say he left the group?

He said he wasn't playing well and the other three were happy while he wasn't

What do George Martin, George Harrison, and Paul say about the White Album?

George Martin: says it should've been compressed into one album

George Harrison: there was a lot of egotism so they didn't drop songs that shouldn't have been on it

Paul: says it's cool because of the variation and that it's a fine album

What happened at the closing of the Apple Boutique?

The band gave everything away

What line from "Hey Jude" did John tell Paul to keep?

"The movement you need is on your shoulder"

What was the idea behind "Let It Be / Get Back" the movie?

-it would be a live album of their new material

-you'd see the Beatles performing and it would end with a live performance

Who is captured arguing on film?

Paul and George

What did Magic Alex create for the Beatles?

A non-functioning studio called "Apple Studio"

Who did the Beatles bring in to play keyboards?

Billy Preston

Why did the Beatles perform on the rooftop of Apple?

to get a live performance to end their film

Who is Russ Gibb?

Detroit DJ who starts the "Paul is dead" rumor

What does John say to Cynthia about lyrics writing?

-never use the word "just" - it's meaningless and a fill-in word

Which Beatle, other than George, was comfortable playing the sitar?


What does George Martin say about the song "She's Leaving Home"?

It almost made him cry

Who arrives at the end of "It's Getting Better" recording session to observe the Beatles?

Norman Smith (their old sound engineer)

What does Paul want Mal Evans to find in order to help him write the song "Magical Mystery Tour"?

socks and mystery tour posters

Who is the "nowhere man" in John's song?


What sound inspired the rhythm and lyrics in "I Am The Walrus"

police sirens

How does John's songwriting process differ from Paul's?

-John works at bits and pieces of different songs and waits for inspiration

-Paul works at whole songs until they're finished

How does George Martin describe the difference between John and Paul

-Paul needs an audience, John doesn't

-Paul can produce sweet, easy music. John's music is much more bumpy and aggressive

What does John mean when he says the Beatles and Beethoven are cons?

their work is a lot less important than people make it out to be