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Concrete is defined as a mixture of what 3 ingredients?
1. cement
2. water
3. aggregates
Cement is a finely ground powder consisting of what ingredients?
1. aluminum
2. silicate
3. iron
4. lime
What is the catlytic action that water has on transforming the chemicals in cement into a hard solid?
What is plastic concrete
wet, still formable
What is Green Concrete
Hard, but not fully cured
What is cured concrete
Fully cured to maximum psi
Fine aggregates are what size or less in diameter
When mixing concrete, what does slump mean
The amount of water used; the higher the slump, the more water used
Each layer of concrete is rodded ___ times for a slump test
There are ___ basic types of Portland Cement
Contaminated aggregates can
affect the cement paste bond
The unit weight of concrete is approximately
150 pounds per cubic food
What is air-entraining and what does it produce to improve resistance of concrete to freezing?
air entraining is adding air bubbles to concrete mix to improve workability; use less water, therefore greater strength; improve performance with freeze/thaw
What quality of water should be used to mix concrete?
Aggregates usually constitute about ___% to __% of the volume of concrete
60 to 80%
Water usually constitutes from __ to __% of the total volume of concrete
14% to 20% of the total volume of concrete
Identify the 5 window types (he'll have pictures - we identify)
casement, awning, hopper, bay, jalousie
What are the ingredients of paint?
1. pigment
2. binder
3. liquids
4. Additives
Paints come in 2 basic types. What are they?
1. interior
2. exterior
There are 2 types of plastics, what are they?
1. thermoplastics
2. thermosets
Thermoplastic resins can be repeatedly reheated so that any scrap can be reused, thermoset cannot.
The term quarter-sawed means what?
the lumber is cut with the growth rings at an angle greater than 45 degrees.
Light framing lumber is classified as ____ lumber
What's the most common nail used?
common nail
What is the formula for figuring the volume of concrete?
(W x L x thickness)/ 27
How many cu yards of concrete in a slab 62' long, 18' wide and 5.5" thickness?
19 cu yards (18.93)
How many cu. yards of concrete for a round slab with 22' diameter and 4" thick?
(pi*r squared)
3.14 x 121 x .333 = 126.52 divided by 27 = 4.69 cu yards
about 5 cu yards for round slab
common nail is generally how long?
up to 6" long
The strongest lumber is made from the ______.
Mix of cement and water is called?
What's a monolithic pour?
The slab and footings are all in one pour
Plastics consist of building blocks called _____, typically derived from petroleum or natural gas.
In engineered lumber what does OSB stand for?
oriented strand board
How many linear feet in a board 18 1/2' long
In concrete if the weight of a cubic yard of concrete is 4050 lbs what is the weight per unti of one cubic foot of concrete?
Deciduous trees are ___-bearing?
Coniferous trees are ___-bearing?
The term S-dry on a lumber grade stamp means that the lumber contains
no more than 19% moisture
What are the ingredients of mortar?
cement, sand, lime, water
The nominal size of a 2" x 4" board is 2 inches x 4 inches, what is the dressed size?
1-1/2 x 3-1/2
be able to draw pp. 63 - header, king stud, trimmer stud when shown doorway and window opening
carpentry level one-trainee module 27105 - 5.2
6d in penny system is equal to how many inches
10d in penny system is equal to how many inches
Draw a picture of a toggle bolt
figure 28 on 2.36 of carpentry level one-trainee module
3" long common nails = ___ in penny system
The head of a drywall screw
has a Phillips head and bugle shape - in class they said sunken or curved shaped so you can put mud over it
casein glue
come in POWDER form and is mixed with water. It is water resistant and can be used on oily woods. The powder can deteriorate with age.
Epoxies have a high resistance to what?
chemical resistance (check this - people in class were saying heat)
What's the vertical member of a window sash or panel door?
What's the trim around a window or door called?
how many feet in a square yard?
what's a spike expressed in penny terms?
greater than 16d is a spike