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Central Hudson test

only allowed for people visiting, not living in area Terms on 337-338


Federal Trade Commission(polices false advertising)

Gambling ads

can talk and showgambling

Joe Camel case

can’t use cartoons inadvertising


billboards that hadsmokes on them every second on camera. One event per year


tried restricting theprice of liquor on tv ads


won – “we killroaches in 24 hours”

Papa Johns

won – slogan ispuffery. P. hut thought it was false advertising


lost – taking aspirincan be dangerous to take daily


lost – 70’s help preventcold and relieve sore throats. Had no scientific claim. Then in 05 just aseffective as floss at reducing plaque and gingivitis between teeth. Again, noproof that it could replace benefits.

Canon 35

cameras in court case– per state law. At state level judge says “yes” or “no” to camera

Lindbergh case

baby died, hadcameras in courtroom


had cameras in courtroom. Judge rules for him saying it interfered with his 6thamendment rights. And that they have an adverse psychological impact on thejury, witness and other participants


court said cameraswere normal and less obtrusive in courts. But special rules were set to protectcertain witnesses


recorded theconfession

Sheppard and the guidelines from this case* (essay)

– judge controlscourtroom, sequestrian the jury, admonishing jury, postponing trial, gag order,change of venue,

Globe Newspaper

if a case with aminor involved with sexual assault; close off whole trial – senate said no,close off certain parts, not all

Bush v. Gore

onlyaudio allowed

Gag orders

to bar them fromtalking with media about certain aspects of a trial


(gag order case) – ruler in Panama – CNN got audio of him talking with his lawyer.

Branzburg v. Hayes

give us names of black panther drug dealers. Had to give over names

Stewart Test

should only make journalists give names for acase if you can’t get names from anyone else. Journalist says no – can go tojail

shield law

Give journalist protection from giving awaysources

Civil lawsuits

journalists have moreprotection in civil case than any others

U-Haul case

investigative book writers can be protected byshield laws

Non-confidential materials

Dateline – couple sued because they thought they were targets by the sheriff. Dateline had to hand over tape due to Steward Test Idaho cases – journalist and cop filmed. Tape wasasked for and had to give it up because it was filmed on public place

FOIA -who's covered and not covered

covers all government agencies- 20 day deadline

Vaughn index

get something from government with blacked outthings – government must give a legitimate reason for blackout

FOIA Exemptions

medical info, military top secret, agency memos


stations wanted audio before the explosion ofshuttle. Court said they were to stay private

WTVY cases

police office massacre – tv station wantedaccess to files, couldn’t because people were promised confidentiality and nonews value in release of info

Clinton ruling

release documents older than 25 years pg 399 – signed a law that says any government documents that are 25 years + have to be open to the public unless there is a good reason not to.

Sunshine Act

meetings open to public and not in secret

Exemptions - closed meetings about foreign policysecrets, internal affairs


no right of access toprisons for safety of media and prisoners. Warden/sherrif says yes or no

Clery Act

campus police must report crimes to public

Public forums

sidewalks, streets, parks


wanted executive decision to stop Watergatetapes

Earnhardt case

– autopsy is public unless family says no, then judge makes final call

press pools

1 camera in court room and film MUST be shared

Info that should not be reported

names of killed military members, sensitive material

Embedded journalists

media ride along with military

Statement of Principles

military can not edit video

JB Pictures

family may or may notallow media to take pictures or video of military coffins


publisher of Hussler