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dar la paliza
(*) to bug/hassle (someone)
[Lit. to give (someone) the thrashing]
Se pasa el día dándome la paliza en el trabajo (*)
un tío/una tía paliza, peado/a, pelma
(**) An annoying man/woman
ser un plomo/plomazo
(*) To be very dull and boring [Lit. To be (as heavy as) lead.]
Su última novela es un auténtico plomazo (*)
Ser un muermo
(*) Something or someone so quiet and/or boring that you fall asleep
La discoteca fue un muermo total (*)
Me importa un pimiento/ pepino/comino/pito/tres cojones
(*/**)In other words, I don't give a damn. [ Lit. I care as much as a pepper/cucumber/ cumin seed/a whistle/three testicles.]
Nuestra opinión le importa un pepino (*)
(*) To get pissed off.
Estar cabreado
(**) To be pissed off
Cabrear a alguien
(*) Get on someones nerves
Tocar los huevos/las narices
(**/*) To piss (someone) off.
[Lit. To touch (someone's) testicles/noses (yes, in plural to add more drama!)]
Lleva todo el día tocándome las narices y se va a arrepentir (*)
Dar la lata/ser una lata
(*) To be a pain. [Lit. To give the tin/ be a tin.]
Deja ya de dar la lata y vete a dormir (*)
El horno no está para bollos
It means you're not in the mood for any nonsense [Lit. The oven is not ready for buns.]
¡Pírate! ¡Lárgate! ¡Piérdete!
(**) Ways of saying: Get lost!
¡Déjame en paz!
(*) Lit. Leave me in peace! Leave me alone.
¡Vete a freír espárragos!
(*) Basically disappear and do whatever you want as long as it is out of my sight! [Lit. Go off and fry asparagus.]
¡Vete a hacer puñetas!
(**) A way of telling someone to get lost. [Lit. Go off and make lace cuffs! Las puñetas were very fashionable in the olden days, with very intricate designs requiring meticulous and patient job.]
¡Vete a la mierda!
(R) [Lit. Go off to the shit!]Obviously the rudest expression of the lot.