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The refrigerant that is most environmental and human compatible is ?
R 718
Convection currents of liquids and gases are based on?
Buoyancy Principles
75 lbs of water at 47 F is heated to a steam temperature of 265 F; assuming atmosphere pressure is existing when it boils, how many Btu's of total heat is required?
87112.5 Btus
A refrigeration system is rated for 15.5 tons, what is the total Btu load?
3100 Btu/min
The evaporator's principle function is to?
Absorb heat
The code committee that decided to number all the refrigerants is?
The chemical component found in the refrigerants that contributed to the depletion of the ozone is?
The group of refrigerants that can be used in industrial applications is?
Group A1, Group A2, Group B2
(All of them can be used)
The flame on a halide torch will turn green on a small leak with this type of refrigerant?
R 502
The pressure/ temperature relationship between then refrigerant and the evaporator is based on?
The size of the piping system, type of refrigerant and the type of refrigeration system.
Traps and separators are required to?
Return the oil back to the Crank case
The code that identifies refrigerants and places them into six groups is?