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Rubens, Adam and Eve 1597

Jan Breughel, Wooded landscape, 1590s

Rubens, judgement of paris, 1599

Rubens, adam and eve, 1630

Rubens, st. gregory surrounded by saints, 1606-07

Rubens, elevation of the cross, 1610-11

Rubens, descent from the cross, 1611-12

Huyssens, st. charles borromeo, 1615

Rubens, miracles of st. Francis Xavier, 1618-19

Rubens, wedding portrait of rubens and isabella, 1609-10

Rubens, the 4 rivers of the ancient world, 1615

Rubens, judgement of paris, 1635

Rubens, lions hunt, 1621

Rubens, education of marie, 1622

Rubens, Henry IV receives the portrait of marie de medici, 1622-25

Rubens, marie de medici, queen of france landing in marseille

Rubens, Helene fourment in her wedding dress, 1630-31

Rubens, landscape with philemon and baucis, 1625

Rubens, landscape with chateau steen, 1636

Rubens, landscape with rainbow, 1636-70

Van Dyck, Cardinal guido bentivoglio, 1622-27

Van dyck, elena grimaldi, marchesa cattaneo, 1623

Van dyck, charles I with monseigneur de st. antoine, 1633

Van dyck, charles I in three positions, 1635

Van dyck, Henrietta maria with sir jeffrey hudson, 1633

Van dyck, charles I dismounted, 1635

Brouwers, bitter drink, 1630

Ter Brugghen, irene tending the wounds of st. sebastien, 1625

Von Honthorst, st. sebastien, 1620

Hals, malle babbe, 1630-33

Hals, portrait of a woman, 1635

Hals, isaac massa and Beatrix, 1622