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acid-balanced waves
perms with a 7.8 to 8.2 pH range that process at room temperature; do not require hair dryer heat
alkaline or cold waves
perms that process at room temperature without heat with a pH range between 9.0 and 9.6
ammonium thioglycolate (ATG)
main active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline waves
base control
the position of the perm rod in relation to its base section
base cream
protective cream used on the scalp during hair relaxing
base direction
angle at which the perm rod is positioned on the head; also the directional pattern in which the hair is wrapped
base relaxers
relaxers that require the use of a base or protective cream
base sections
subsections of panels into which the hair is divided for rodding; one tool is normally placed on each base section
basic perm wrap
rodding pattern in which all the tools within a panel are directed in the same direction
bookend wrap
perm wrap in which an end paper is folded in half over the hair ends
chemical blow-out
combination of a relaxer and hairstyling used to create a variety of Afro styles
chemical hair relaxing
the process of rearranging the basic structure of extremely curly hair into a straightened form
chemical texture services
hair services that cause a chemical change that permanently alters the natural wave pattern of the hair
croquignole rodding
rodding from the hair ends to the scalp
end wraps
end paper; absorbent papers used to protect and control the ends of the hair during perming services
endothermic waves
perm activated by an outside heat source, usually a hood-type dryer
exothermic waves
perms that create an exothermic chemical reaction that heats the solution and speeds up processing
glyceryl monothioglycolate (GMTG)
main active ingredient in true acid and acid-balanced waves
hydroxide relaxers
relaxers with a very high pH, sometimes over 13
process by which hydroxide relaxers permanently straighten hair; lanthionzation breads the hair's disulfied bonds during processing and converts them to lanthionine bonds when the relaxer is rinsed from the hair
lotion wrap
permanent waving wrapping technique in which the waving solution is applied to the section before rodding
process of stopping the action of a permanent wave solution and hardening the hair in its new form by the application of a chemical solution called the neutralizer
no-base relaxers
relaxers that do not require application of a protective base
permanent waving
a process used to chemically restructure natural hair into a different wave pattern
prewrap solution
usually a type of leave-in conditioner that may be applied to the hair prior to permanent waving to equalize porosity
reformation curl
a soft-curl permanent; combination of a thio relaxer and thio permanent, whereby the hair is wrapped on perm rods; used to make existing curl larger and looser
a process used to semistraighten extremely curly hair into a more manageable texture and wave pattern
thio relaxers
relaxers that usually have a pH above 10 and higher concentration of ammonium thioglycolate than is used in permanent waving
true acid waves
perms that have a pH between 4.5 and 7.0 and require heat to speed processing; process more slowly than alkaline waves and do not usually produce as firm a curl