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what is the fuction of a nucleus?

-stores genetic info

-controls activity of the cell

what is the fuction of cytoplasm?

-Where most chemical reactions take place.

what is the fuction of a cell membrane?

-Controls what substances go in and out of the cell.

what is the function of Mitochondria?

-The site of respiration where energy is released.

what is the fuction of ribosomes?

-where protein synthesis takes place.

what is the fuction of a cellulose cell wall?

-it strengths the cell.

What is the function of chloroplasts?

-contains chlorophyll

-absorbs light energy to make food.

what is the function of a permanent vacuole?

-contains cell sap.

why do ribsomes rely on mitochondria to function?

-mitochondria carrys out respiration

-so release energy

-this energy is needed so the ribosomes can make proteins.

what are the key features of a bacterial cell?


-cell wall

-genes are not in nucleus.

what are the key features in yeast cells?

-single-celled organisms



-cell membrane

-cell wall.

what are specialised cells?

-cells that carry out a particular function.

how can dissolved substances move into and out of cells?


what is diffusion?

-the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

-down a concentration gradient.

why is oxygen required to diffuse into cells?

-needed for respiration.