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State the composition of the Project code.
What FAD is assigned to most fleet operating
Aircraft repair usage statistics are used by the
supply department for what purpose?
Usage statistics justify stocking replenishment parts.
What are the two types of part numbers?
Definitive and nondefinitive.
What is the correct nomenclature for what is
commonly referred to as the "manufacturer’s
Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE).
What term is used for a part, component, or
system in which the requisitioned part is used?
Next higher assembly.
What are the two primary technical manuals
used by the maintenance technician to order
replacement parts?
The illustrated parts breakdown (IPB) and the maintenance instruction
manual (MIM).
What information is contained in the
"Introduction" of the IPB?
General information and instructions for using the publication.
What part of the IPB contains information
concerning detailed parts that make up a
The group assembly parts list.
In figure 3-3, what is the SW&R code for the
fitting, part number A51G10561-I3, item
number 8?
What position(s) of the SM&R code indicate(s)
the source from which you can acquire the item?
The first position.
Which NAVSUP publication provides
cross-reference information from a reference
number to its national stock number (NSN)?
Master Cross-Reference List (MCRL).
What NAVSUP publication provides information
on exceptions to the one-for-one turn-in rule?
Consolidated Remain in Place List (CRIPL).
How often is the ICRL-A revised?
What is the purpose of the Aviation Consolidated
Allowance List (AVCAL)?
AVCAL lists the items and quantities of aeronautical material authorized to
be stocked by and aircraft carrier to support the maintenance and operations
of embarked aircraft.
What are the first two-digits of the nine-digit
NIIN called?
The National Codification Bureau (NCB) code.
What two instructions describe the procedures
for allowance and inventory of the AMMRL
NAVAIRINST 13650. I for IMRL items and NAVAIRINST 13630. I for TOL
How is Naval Air Systems Command
(NAVAIRSYSCOM) involved in the AMMRL
NAVAIRSYSCOM exercises overall program management and
What are the major sections of the IMRL?
Employment data, change list, index, main body, and the activity inventory
What section of the IMRL lists all of the items
allowed for the activity along with allowance
The IMRL main body.
How often is the IMRL Activity Inventory Record
It is reissued in its entirety each month.
What work center is the point-of-contact for
parts and material at the organizational
maintenance level?
Material control.
DD form 1348, Standard Form 44, and an
identiplate (DD 1896 or 1897) are all issued as
part of what package?
A flight packet.
What level of maintenance orders the greater
volume of parts?
Intermediate level.
The Individual Component Repair List (ICRL) is
used by what work center to determine the repair
capability of a component received by supply?
Aeronautical material screening unit (AMSU).
What are the two sections of the Aviation Support
Division/Supply Support Center (ASD/SSC)?
Supply Response Section (SRS) and Component Control Section (CCS).
If apart is listed in the CRIPL, the maintenance
activity has how many hours after receipt of the
replacement component to furnish the
unserviceable part?
24 hours.
What items are maintained in the pre-expended
bins (PEBs)?
High usage, low-cost, maintenance-related consumable materials that have
a minimum demand frequency of three per month.
How often does supply review stock records for
the PEB?
What section of ASD/SSC manages local repair
cycle assets?
Component control section (CCS).
How many workload priorities can be assigned
to a LRCA storage unit?
If a squadron requisitions an NMCS component
from supply and, except for the turn-in, the only
other part on station is in the IMA for repair,
what priority will be assigned to the component
received from the squadron?
Priority 1, and the part would be designated "EXREP" or expeditious repair.