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What is the number one rule to stress when working?
Safety first
What are the two safety=related publications that all personnel should be familiar with?
OPNAVINST 5100.23 (NAVOSH) AND OPNAVINST 5100.19 (Navy Safety Precaution for Forces Afloat)
What determines the amount of current that may pass through a person's body without causing damage?
the current quantity, type and path in addition the the length of time the current passes through the body. It also depends on the individual condition of his/her body.
What would you feel if 1 milliamperes of current flow passed through your body?
What would you feel if 10 milliamperes of current flow passed through your body?
Shock paralyzes your muscles and you may be unable to release the conductor.
What would you feel if 100 milliamperes of current flow passed through your body?
Shock is usually fatal if the current causing the shock lasts for 1 second or more.
If a person is unconscious due to electrical and you cannot tell how much current caused the condition, what must you do?
Start CPR immediately
What type of tools do you not etch?
Beryllium-copper tools due to toxic hazard
What are the four general classes of fires?
A, B, C, and D.
Describe an 'A' class fire.
Wood, paper, cotton or any item that leave ember or ash residue.
Describe an 'B' class fire.
Cooking and fuel oils, grease, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.
Describe an 'C' class fire.
Electrical in origin and may involve fuels from A, B or D class fires.
Describe an 'D' class fire.
Special metal alloy of magnesium, titanium, zinc, etc.
What is the preferred extinguishing agent for class C fires and why?
Carbon dioxide, because it does not conduct electricity, evaporates rapidly and leaves little or no residue. It reduces the possibility of electrical shock to personnel and damage to equipment due to contamination.
Who is responsible for safety?
All hands
Which publication contains an illustration of danger areas for an aircraft?
When working with high voltage, you should?
De-energize equipment
True or False. There is no danger when working with low
Shock intensity is determined by which of the
To remove a victim from electrical shock, what should NEVER be used?
Bare hands
At the local level, you may insulate tools for use on what types of circuits?
When you find a damaged electrical tool cord,
what action should you take?
Replace the cord
While using an electric drill, you experience an
electrical shock. Which of the following conditions
is the most likely cause?
An incorrectly grounded drill
What color is the safety ground wire for electrical
What agent should never be used on a class 'C' fire of energized equipment?
If you swallow gasoline, which of the following
actions should you take?
Drink large amounts of milk or water and take four tablespoons of vegetable oil if available
When using compressed air for blowing out fixtures and jigs, you should maintain pressure below what maximum value psi?
30 psi
What precaution should you take before removing
a fuse?
De-energize the circuit
What is required for an individual to perform
Certified CPR training
Who should be standing by while working on
energized equipment?
Someone qualified to render first aid
Performing a visual check with the idea of avoiding malfunctions in the future is what type of maintenance?
PMS ensures equipment is maintained through its life cycle by controlling degradation from which of the following factors?
Time, operational cycles, use or climatic exposure.
What manual should you refer to for avionics corrosion removal?
NAVAIR 16-1-540
True or false. Always connect an ammeter in parallel.
False, always connect in series.
True or false. Always connect an voltmeter in parallel.
True or False.
Never connec an ohmmeter to an energized circuit.
True or False.
When using an ohmmeter, select the scale that will result in a low-scale reading.
False; select a scale that will result in a mid-scale reading.
True or False.
Always leave the selector swich of a multi-meter in the resistance position when the meter is not in use.
False, leads may short together and discharge the internal battery. There is less chance of damaging the meter if you leave it on a high ac voltage setting or in the OFF position.
Why should you view a meter from directly in front?
The eliminate the parallax.
True or False.
You may try to measure resistance of a meter or circuit with a meter in it.
False, The high current required for ohmmeter operation may damage the meter.
Which lead of a meter should be connected first when making voltage measurements.
The ground lead
True or False
You should always used both hands when making voltage measurements.
False, use one hand whenever possible.
What type of test equipment should be used to check continuity?
True or False.
In an emergency, a flashlight can function as a continuity tester.
What is the most common cause of a grounded circuit?
Frayed wire insulation that allows the bare wire to come into contact with the metal ground.
What type of test equipment should be used to grounds?
Ohmmeter, you may also use a continuity checker.
What type of test equipment should be used to shorts?
What should be done before checking circuit voltage?
Chect the voltage of the power source to make sure normal voltage s being inputted to the circuit.
What is usually the first step in the troubleshooting process?
Visual inspection.
What is a very effective method for locating defective stages in many types of electronic sets?
Signal tracing
True or False.
Test equipment probes are interchangeable.
False, Never use probes with equipment other than for which it is designed.
True or False.
Always connect voltmeters in shunt with the circuit elements under test.
True, it results in circuit loading.
True or False.
It is optional to remove power when performing resistance checks.
False, Always remove power when performing resistance measurements.
What is the formula for power in watts?
W= E * E/R
Name the resistor color codes.
The different field from left to right are: Mnemonics, Color, 1st digit, 2nd digit, multiplier, Tolerance percentage.
Bad Black 0 0 1
Boys Brown 1 1 10
Race Red 2 2 100
Over Orange 3 3 1T
Yankee Yellow 4 4 10T
Gardens, Green 5 5 100T
But Blue 6 6 1M
Violet Violet 7 7 10M
Gains Gray 8 8 100M
Whatever White 9 9 1B
Ground Gold .1 5
She Silver .01 10
Needs. No color 20
How many band may resistors for military use have and what does the final band indicate?
5 bands
The fifth band indicates reliability in terms of failure rate, as follows:
No color No test made
Brown 1%/100hrs
Red 0.1%/100hrs
Orange 0.01%/100hrs
Yellow 0.001%/100hrs
What are the methods used to identify capacitors?
Color coding and typographical where a number is stamped on the cap.
To allow a sufficient safety margin, how much should a resistor be capable of dissipating?
1.5 t 2 times the power it will actually meet.
What must you consider when substituting a resistor to ensure it is a proper substitution?
Ohmic value, wattage rating, tolerance, physical
dimensions, and type of construction
What is the proper color code for a 100 ohm resistor with a 10 percent tolerance?
1st band: Brown; 2nd band: Black; 3rd band:
Brown; 4th band: Silver
After complete reassembly of equipment, what must be done?
Operational check is performed.
Where should you first look for wire replacement information?Q5-28. When wiring is terminated with a connector,
what is the minimum slack that should be
Aircraft MIMs
What type wire should you use to carry 600-1000 volts with a temperature rating between
302°F to 500°F?
When stamping wire identification numbers, at what interval should you stamp the wire?
15 inches max
In wire identification numbers, what does the
suffix N mean?
Wire or cable that completes the circuit to ground.
Why is flat, nylon, braided, waxed lacing tape preferred for tying coaxial cables?
1 inch
What is the purpose of heat shrink tubing?
To prevent damageto cable insulation.
What publication contains information on mounting hardware for aircraft parts?
Aircraft Structural Hardware for Aircraft Repair, NAVAIR 01-1A-8.
When substituting hardware, what factors should you consider before making the
Corrosion, strength, size, length, magnetic properties, special features, and lubrication or coating of the substitution part.
What is the only reason for clamping a wire bundle to a plumbing line?
To separate the wire bundle from the plumbing line.
What letters identify a terminal board?
What is the purpose of lockwire?
To prevent accidental loosening of aircraft
equipment and connectors due to vibration
What is the meaning of the term WRA?
Weapons Replaceable Assembly
Who is authorized to make soldering repairs?
Certified 2M technicians
What should you use to determine the maintenance
level for repair of a defective assembly?
S, M, & R code
To ensure personnel grounding straps are safe, PMs and Preops should be performed per what publications?
NA 17-600-141-6-1
NA 17-600-141-6.2 and
NA 17-600-193-6-2
ESD-sensitive devices can be damaged by electrostatic voltages as low as__________?
20 volts
When handling ESDS devices, personnel and their apparel should be connected to_____?
What is the minimum resistance for personnel
ground straps?
250,000 ohms
What color is material that is antistatic?