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What are the common clinical patterns?

1. Damp heat

2. Blood heat with wind

3. Fire toxin

4. Miscellaneous

Which pattern?

*lower body more commonly affected

* exudation, erosion, yellow crusting

* well circumscribed, edematous, clear demarcation

* vesicular lesions, pompholyx thype

* ears, nipples, intertriginous, inner thigh, genitals

* erythema and erosion at base of the nail, reverse presentation

* yellow greasy or slippery tongue coating

* more likely to sweat, less prone to thirst

Damp heat

Which pattern?

*upper body more commonly affected

* diffuse erythema of the face, chest, back, arms with dry scaling

* bloody excoriation and scabs, little tendency to form yellow crusting

* white dermographism, pallor, cold extremities

* urticarial lesions

* more intense itching (esp at night)

* red tongue tip or red prickles on the tongue. Red sides

Blood heat with wind

Which pattern?

*tendency to form infx, erosion, exudation, pustules

* sudden rapid progress of eczema after a period of quiescence. Burning of skin

* severe itching, pain, vesicles, pompholyx type, red dry lesions of palms and soles, intensely red, well circumscribed, occasionally reverse presentation

* recalcitrant nature

*widespread eczema, exfoliative erythroderma

Fire toxin