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sea breeze
sea breeze- local wind that forms like explination earlier. during daytime,coastal land is warmer than the nearby water. the air just above the land becomes warmer than the air over the water,pressure lowers on the landleading to pressure gradient betweenthe ocean and land.
land breeze
at night, land cools faster than water, air pressure over the land becomes higher. resulting pressure gradient causes the cool land breeze to blow to sea.
Pressure-gradient force
speed of the wind depends on the pressure gradient. the lower the pressure,the stronger the pressure gradient, the stronger the wind.
valley winds
during daytime, warm air rises from mountain slops. the rising air forms a valley breeze that blows up from the valley. wind speed less than mountain breeze.
Coriolis effect
bowling ball and spinning earth..the rotating earth causes things to go off course even though they are going in a straight line.
What is pressure and what causes it?
weight of the atmosphere per unit area. Air pressure is equal in all directions because the molecules in the gases have have equal force being placed on them, so the pressure on any surface is the same.
how do Aneroid barometers work?
measures pressure within a thin metal can. pumping most of the air out of the can, it is made sensative to air pressure. spring keeps can from collapsing forward. as the shape of the can changes in air pressure a pointer attached to the canmoves over a scale.
how do mercury barometers work?
mercury-at sea level mercury is 30 inches high in the column. space about mercury is a vaccum and when pressure increasesthe mercury clolumn rises.
how does the temp of the atmosphere affect surface area pressure?
Warm air is lighter than cold air beause molecules of warm air are farther apart. when warm air replaces an equal amnt of cold air the pressure at the ground falls. vis versa
mountain winds
at night cold,heavy air sinks into the from mountain tops into valleys.the narrower the valley the stronger th breeze.called a moutain breeze when coming from the mountain.
relationship between air pressure and wind.
when the ground heats faster than the water, the air above the island becomes warmer.molecules in the air become far apart so the air expands upward and outward.expansion lowers the air pressure at ground. this pressure gradient provides the force that makes wind blow
how is air pressure affected by height.
air pressure drops with height. barometer drops 1 cm/123 meters above sea level,which applies only to the first kilometers of air near the surface
What are the two units of measure used for air pressure?
millibars- equals about one thousandth of standard seal elvel pressure. standard sea level pressure is 1013.2 millibars (29.92 in)
inches- height of the mercury in the column.
how many millibars in a inch? inches in a millibar?
millibars in a inch- 34 mb
inches in millibar-0.03 in.
explain the effect of humidity on air pressure.
the more water vapor the air contains the lighter it is, so it exerts less pressure.
pressure gradient
when isobars are far apart the air pressure changes slowly. iso bars close together have a steep/strong gradient. isobars far away have a weak pressure gradient.
lines that join points having the same air pressure at a given time.
High pressure area
The set of closed isobars surrounding th high pressure center.
Low pressure area
the inside isobar has the lowest reading.