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mid 5th century bc


marble doric temple

peristyle 6 x 13

pronaos, cella, opisthdodomos

best preserved, model for doric

odeion of perikles

mid 440s (5th century) bc


roofed concert hall

used for music competitions in panathenaic festival, law court, cavalry marshal, lecture hall

modeled after xerxes (persian) tent

border forts


phyle, eleutherai, aigosthena, dema wall, dekeleia

fortified areas for land army during peloponnesian wars

ship sheds, peiraieus


sloping ramps perpendicular to shore

deep slot for ship keel

unfluted columns holding up roof

pulled by animals?


arsenal of philon, peiraieus


storeroom for tackle, ropes, sails

400 ft x 55 ft x 30 ft

philon is architect


monument of the eponymous heroes


3/4 of 4th c bce

long base carrying statues of 10 heroes

(antiochos, ajax, leos, erechtheus, aigeus, oineus, akamas, kekrops, pandion)

public notice board outside metroon and bouleuterion

sanctuary of asklepios



cult founded in peloponnesian war (plague)

son of apollo and koronis

healing deity

into acropolis, "healing" spring

snake pit?

theatre of dionysus



15k spectators, stone seats


religious major

sacred way

aka panathenaic way

procession line

central vein of athens



hall of mysteries

limestone, curvilinear joins

archaic, early 6th c bc

sanctuary of artemis


doric, limestone (marble trim)

classical 425

central colonnades, 2 flank col.

dining rooms

childbirth statues

has nearby bridge

temple of nemesis



doric marble

peripteral 6 x 13

430s, 420s

unfluted, unfinished


temple of athena



ionic, adjacent colonnades 10 x 12

odd layout

temple of poseidon


classical 440s

doric, marble 6 x 13

boar hunt, gigantomachy, centauromachy

pronaos, lots of inscriptions (byron)

doric stoa, thorikos

classical (periklean)

2nd half 5th c bc

peristyle 7 x 14

gaps halfway thru on long sides, lengthwise wall

local marble

probably religious, but unfinished so dk

silver mines

thorikos has rectangular theatre and burial sites

laureion also a thing apparently

marble quaries

mt penteli

easy to work, degrades easily

metamorphized limestone

white w grey veins (graphite)

stepped quarries = gravity

1 block = 2 months

lysikrates monument


on street of tripods


small cylindrical corinthian, has tripod trophy

sculpture of dionysos


street of the tombs

leading out of city on west

display funerary monuments

south square

honestly idek

tower of the winds

aka horologion (timepiece)

pentelic marble

14 m high

sculpted representations of the 8 winds

each figure has attribute abt that weather

temple of olympian zeus (olympeion)

104 columns

continued by hadrian (hellenistic)


stoa of eumenes

south slopes of acropolis to house ppl in panathenaic festival and dionysus stuff

retaining wall

2 stories double colonnade (doric, ionic; ionic pergamene)


stoa of attalos

ease side of agora, market building

doric ionic, ionic pergamene

shops inside, like a mall

not much has changed except technology

propylon of claudius appius pulcher

eleusis at sanctuary

many gifts, shows roman generosity to important cultural markers of greece

corinthian capitals, doric frieze with symbols in it

dedicatory inscriptions in latin and greek

temple of roma and augustus

little circular thing outside parthenon

monopteral around cella

dedicated as octavian

on acropolis, showing importance

odeion of agrippa

agrippa = son in law and general of augustus

roofed orchestra and seating

dominated agora (made roman agora new center of commerce and old agora as cultural center of athens)

temple of ares

wandering temple


in agora

roman agora (market of caesar and augustus)

ionic peristyle court, unfluted

doric propylon on west

ionic propylon on east, facing rest of agora

fountain somewhere

also latrine outside it

philopappos monumuent

grave of philopappos

trajanic (roman)

on mouseion hill

consul in rome, descendant of kings of commagene, benefactor of athens (and citizen)

curved marble facade

the niches represent the aspects of his life

library of pantainos


south of stoa of attalos

3 colonnades, shops, central courtyard

shows how athens was becoming primarily grounds for philosophy and schooling

arch of hadrian

roman (obviously)


west inscription- theseus

east inscription- hadrian

border bn old and new athens

probs by people bc no titles

library of hadrian

100 columns

north of roman agora

peristyle court pentelic marble

resembles imperial fora of rome

apses for books, central fountain

greater propylaia, eleusis

replica of the acropolis propylaia

some statues of roman emperors

linking greek throughout, via roman benefactions

panathenaic stadium

lykourgos, herodes

new seating, temple of tyche nearby

bridge and arches

ship shed for panathenaic ship

odeion of herodes atticus

south slopes of acropolis

memory of dead wife

cedar wood roof


5k seating

needed bigger building bc odeion of agrippa much smaller

post-herulian wall

enclose acropolis, roman agora (not library of hadrian)

old greek agora no longer center of athens

2 walls w rubble fill

late roman


built in the center of the library of hadrian

late roman

has 4 apses

church in shape of cross w rounded tops

little metropolitan