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"Naked eye" astronomy observing means
using only your eyes or spectacles
If you use a full circle star map, the overhead point can be found
at the center of the map
the imaginary line in the sky over earth's equator is called the
celestial equator
The angular distance between the stars Castor and Pollux is 4.5. If the resolving power of a typical human being is 1 arc minute before eye adaptation to the dark, which of the following is TRUE? The typical human being
should see Castor and Pollux as two separate stars
The part of a telescope that lets you preview a bigger sky area before viewing the magnified image is the
The largest reflector telescope in the world is located in
The full moon subtends 1/2 degree. This statement gives a measure of the moon's
angular size
The Hubble Space Telescope has a mirror as the objective with a version of a Cassegraine design. What is it classified as?
a reflector
The refracting telescope we saw in class was described as a "2.4-inch refractor." Which feature of it is 2.4 inches?
diameter of the objective
The radiotelescope being used for SETI research is located in
The time it takes to see a star rise to the next time that star rises is called a
sidereal day
The five naked eye points of light that do not twinkle and "wandered" in the sky were called this by the Greeks:
Aristotle believed that the Earth was stationary at the center of the solar system. This model is
In order for Aristarchus to prove that the Earth moves around the Sun, he tried to measure the
angle of parallax of nearby stars
Hipparchus' method for ranking star brightness, still used today, is that the brighter a star is
the smaller the magnitude number
He calculated the relative distance of the planets from the Sun in astronomical units
Because Galileo was the first to use a telescope on the sky, he was able to discover
moons around Jupiter
His three laws of planetary motion apply to any objects in orbit
"A planet sweeps out equal areas in equal time" means that a planet travels faster in its orbit when it
is closest to the sun
Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation says that if the masses of the objects increase, the force of gravity between them increases. This relationship is
The number of waves in a given time is the
The speed of light in a vacuum, symbolized by c, is
186,000 mi/sec
X-rays, visible, and radio are what?
light waves from the highest to lowest energy
The bending of light due to interaction with edges is
Which of the following devices causes dispersion of light waves?
The blue giant star Rigel is 540 light years away. What does this mean?
it takes light from Rigel 540 years to reach us
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity says that
every observer measures the same speed for light
The shape and peak of a star's blackbody spectrum identifies
its temperature
A gas will produce a line spectrum because
the atoms are far apart so energy levels are undistorted
If a light source like a star is moving towards us, its spectrum will be
This indicates how many degrees north or south of the celestial equator a sky object is
The "first point of Aries" is the name for the reference position for
right ascension
The star Betelgeuse has a Dec of 7 24 North and an RA of 5 hr 55 min. The star Rigel has Dec of 8 12 South and an RA of 5 hr 14 min. What does this mean?
Rigel is below the celestial equator
If you are located at 30 North Latitude
Polaris' latitude is 30
The period of Earth's revolution is
1 year
Earth moves slowest in its orbit when it is farthest from the Sun. This point is
What does precession mean?
Polaris will not always be the north star. Earth's precession cycle takes 26,000 years, and precession means the perihelion point comes later every year.
Planets that are closer to the sun than the Earth is
never appear at midnight
Currently, when we have summer in the northern hemisphere, Earth is
near aphelion
The first moment of spring is defined to be when the sun crosses the celestial equator which occurs on the
vernal equinox
What is true about Luna?
It has no overall magnetic field. It is receding from the Earth, and it has no atmosphere
The large dark area on the moon were named by Galileo as "seas", these are the
When craters are formed on the moon, the material scattered around the crater is called
Our moon's rotation
has the same direction and time period as its revolution
The moon physically subtends a bigger angle when it is
at perigee
We would see a waxing crescent moon between
new and 1st quarter
We don't see two eclipses every month because
the moon's orbital plane is tilted with respect to the plane of the ecliptic
Earth experiences the highest high tides and the lowest low tides
when the sun, moon, and Earth are all in a line
During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes into this part of the Earth's shadow first
The first human being to walk on the moon was
Neil Armstrong
The group of planets that are large and low density has been designated
The planet with the biggest temperature range is also the planet with
a ringed basin and "weird terrain"
Venus' rotation is retrograde. This means that, seen from above Earth's North pole, Venus
spins clockwise
Earth reflects 40 % of the sunlight it receives so
Earth's albedo is 40
How many planets in our solar system have only one moon
2, Earth and Pluto
Who discovered Pluto
If a moon is being held together only by gravity and it crosses its planet's Roche Limit,
tidal forces can break it apart and result in a ring
The planet with the four Galilean moons is also the planet
with the Great Red Spot
This planet was predicted by Bode's Law before it was discovered
The Huygens probe landed on this moon in January of 2005 and sent back the first ever pictures of its surface
Where did the elements in the sun that are heavier than helium come from?
nuclear fusion in another star
The sun's equator spins faster than the poles. This is called
differential rotation
The proton-proton chain reaction in the core of the sun causes hydrogen nuclei to become
The expected total lifetime of the sun is approximately
10 billion years
Gamma rays produced in the sun's core lose their energy in this zone
The pink color of the chromosphere is due to this wavelength
When the solar wind particles spiral along the magnetic lines of force around Earth and collide with Earth's atmosphere, the visible result is
Of the following combinations, the one most likely to produce a total solar eclipse for an Earth observer would be when the moon is
new, in the plane of the ecliptic, and at perigee
The plot of sunspot number and location over time is called
a Butterfly diagram
Sunspots come in pairs because they are associated with
the north and south magnetic poles
The first asteroid ever discovered was
1 Ceres
This spacecraft landed on asteroid Eros
Short period comets most likely originate from the
Kuiper Belt
Meteor showers are named for the constellation that seems to contain their
radiant point
The list of 110 objects "to ignore when looking for comets" was begun by and named for:
star names from coolest to hottest
When the angle of parallax for a star is measured to be 1 arc second, the distance to the star is called
1 parsec
The star Polaris is located at 120 pc from us. If its apparent magnitude is +2, what is a possible value for its absolute magnitude
RR Lyrae variable stars in globular clusters and Cepheid variable stars in galaxies have been used to determine distance because the relationship between their luminosities and periods of variability is
A Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram is a logarithmic plot of stars'
luminosity vs. temperature
When hydrogen atoms in a warm nebula change from parallel to antiparallel spin states, they
emit 21-cm radio waves
Star are born in the process of
gravitational collapse of a nebula
The newest stars we can see are the Trapezium stars located in this star "nursery":
Great Nebula in Orion
Of the following star masses, which is most likeyl to have the longest lifetime:
0.5 M
The oldest type of star cluster with no dust and only red stars left is this type
The Hipparcos spacecraft recorded stars' actual motion through space. This motion is called
proper motion
The first stage of a star's death is the formation of a
red giant
Chandrasekhar developed the theory for how a star will die based on its
The sun is most likely to end its life as a
white dwarf within a planetary nebula
What makes the existence of a black hole?
strong x-ray source, accretion disk near a large star, and gravitational lensing
circumpolar constellation
Great Square
Northern Cross
circumpolar constellation
Zodiac Constellation
The place where we can observe the artificial sky is called the
What is the location of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy?
halfway out from the center
How do we know the Milky Way galaxy is spiral
maps of 21-cm radiation from objects forming "arms"
In the northern hemisphere, everything we see naked eye is in the Milky Way galaxy except
the Andromeda galaxy
Edwin Hubble classified galaxies by shape and measured the distances to them using the linear period luminosity relationship characteristic of
Cepheid variables
When a large galaxy exerts a tidal force on a small galaxy, the result is
galactic cannibalization
What are the spiral galaxies?
Milky Way, Pinwheel, Andromeda
The local group of about 30 galaxies to which the Milky Way belongs is called the
Local Group
her "slice-of-sky" maps of galaxies have shown we have a "frothy" universe
margaret geller
The most recent physics theory suggest that quarks and other fundamental particles may be made of
What is Hubble's Law?
the farther away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away
If our universe has enough matter for gravity to balance expansion, it is said to be
The "3 K" cosmic background radiation was first detected by
radiotelescope detecting the blackbody spectrum peak
The age of the universe based on the current Hubble constant is about
14 billion years
The first person to launch a successful liquid fuel rocket was
The director of German military rockets was
Von Braun
US military test pilot
Partner w/Goddard
Father of American Rocketry
This man's v-2 rocket marked the beginning of the space age
von Braun
the first US satellite ever put into Earth orbit was
Explorer I
The first American ever in Earth orbit was
John Glenn
The first woman in space was
Valentina Tereshkova
This NASA program had the goal of landing on the moon
This May (2005), NASA hopes to launch mission STS-114. Based on this name, what is being launched?
Space Shuttle
Who was the first American woman in space?
Sally Ride
There have been two space shuttle accidents. These were
Challenger and Columbia
This first UWRF graduate to fly in space flew the Challenger in 1983
Dan Brandenstein
Looking just to the side of a star when doing naked-eye night sky viewing helps to see the object better. This technique is called
averted vision
When an object like a star appears to have moved only because youi have changed your observing position, the effect is called
A telescope is described as a 5-inch refractor. From this you know that
the objective is a lens
According to Newton's Universal law of Gravitation, the force of gravity between a star and a planet should increase if this decreases
the distance between them
When observing a total lunar eclipse, sunlight bends at the edges of Earth and makes Earth's shadow fuzzy against the moon. This process of light bending at edges is called
When the distribution of wavelengths coming from a dense object has no colors missing but the wavelength with the highest intensity depends on the temperature of the object, the spectrum is
a blackbody spectrum
The speed of light in a vacuum
is the same for all light waves
Of the following, which type of light wave has the shortest wavelength?
If you measure Polaris as being 30 degrees up from horizon,
its altitude is 30 degrees
The sun is highest in the sky for observers in Earth's northern hemisphere on this day
summer solstice
For observers in the northern hemisphere, sunrise seems to move from northeast toward souteast and back again over the course of a year. This is caused by
tilt of the Earth
Which of these is the first day of spring for us in northern WI?
vernal equinox
The first manned moon landing occurred on this kind of lunar surface feature
Every month during full moon, there will be
spring tides
Which of the following phases occurs between new moon and 1st quarter?
waxing crescent
The moon rotates in about the same period as it revolves. This means that we see
only the near side of the moon
If a moon is held together only by gravity and somehow its orbit crosses the Roche Limit for its planet, what happens to it?
it breaks apart and forms a ring around the planet
The planet will all but one of its surface features named for women is also the planet with
the hottest surface
In 2004, the planet Saturn is going to be visited by this spacecraft, named for the guy who notes the large apparently empty space in the ring system
The first planet discovered by telescope was
This layer of the sun emits H-alpha light and shows a characteristic pink color
The graph of position and number of sunspots over time is called the
Butterfly diagram
If the moon passes in fron tof the sun but is too far away from Earth to completely block it, we see a ring of sunlight around the moon's shadow. This kind of eclipse is called
annular solar
When this interacts with Earth's magnetic field we see the aurora
solar wind
The spacecraft NEAR-Shoemaker landed on
an asteroid
When cometary debris enters Earth's atmosphere, we see
a meteor shower
In our solar system, comets originate from
the Oort Cloud and Kuiper belt
Messier's List is a list of
some objects that might look like comets through a telescope
When stars are described by naked-eye color, the most important contribution to that appearance is
the peak blackbody spectrum wavelength
Henrietta Leavitt discovered a linear period-luminosity relationship for these variable stars; later Hubble used these to measure distances to other galaxies
If a star's angle of parallax is 1 arc-second
its distance is 1 parsec
A logarithmic plot of luminosity vs. temperature for stars is called
a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
When hydrogen atoms change from a parallel to an antiparallel spin state, they emit
21-cm radio waves
When the sun dies it will end up as a white dwarf surrounded by
a planetary nebula
The most important factor that determines how a star will die is its
A pulsar is
a spinning neutron star
What is a circumpolar constellation?
Ursa Major
What is a zodiac constellation?
What is an asterism?
Northern Cross
Constellations that lie on or near the ecliptic line are
The closest known galaxy to the Milky Way is
Canis Major Dwarf
Who measured the distances to globular cluster?
The globular clusters in our galaxy are located
around the center of the galaxy
Who mapped galaxies and showed that our universe looks like "frothy soap suds"?
If our expanding universe stops expanding and just stays as is, we would call the universe
Who was the first human being in space?
John Glenn
Space Transport System is the official name for
the space shuttle
Objects that remain in orbit have horizontal velocity and
are in free fall
Which spacecraft are carrying pictures and sounds of Earth out of the solar system?
What famous telescope is being used to detect signals for the seti@home project?
Arecibo Observatory