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What is the agent marker used for?

A person relating to profesdion or sports

How are classifiers used?

To represent class of characteristics and both iconic and abstract ideas.

Conceptually-accurate signing

Being able to sign the correct meaning between abstract and literal ideas

Masculine gender distinction is located where on the body?

Above the nose

What is a sign that is given to a deaf person to represent them?

Name sign

What are the five hand parameters of ASL?

1. Palm orientation

2. Movement

3. Location

4. Handshape

5. Non-manual markers (NMM)

What is the compound sign used for football field and lake?


What is the classifier used to represent a mode of transportation?

CL: 3

What is the name of the artificial means of communication used at international gatherings of the Deaf?


What are the basic sentence structure of ASL?


What language is ASL based off of?


Where is the time spot located?

At the wrist

Who should you speak to when a deaf person is using an interpreter?

Deaf person

Where is the feminine gender Location on the body?

Below the nose

What face is used to indicate you want a specific answer?


Signs can be either what or what like books or baseball?

Iconic or arbitrary

How many types of movements are there in ASL?


Where is the age spot located?

The chin

What percent of dead people have deaf parents?


What was the name of the first deaf school?

The American School for the Deaf 1817

What is an example of a non-manual marker?

Raised eyebrows and pursed lips

What is it called when you used Deixis at the beginning and end of a sentence?

A closing sign

How many handshapes are there in ASL?


(T or F) you should use a slight pause when giving your first and lsdt name.


what is a CODA

A child of a deaf adult

The sign Do-Do is uses to represent what?

what are you doing? And what did you do?

What is the mainstream method?

The dead education model that puts both hearing and deaf students in the same classroom.

(T or F) In Deaf culture not making eye contact is rude.


(T or F) waving a hand and taping on the should is an acceptable way to gaun attention.


Contrastive structure refers to what?

The use of shoulder shift to indicate multiple topics

What is the question-maker face?

Raised eyebrows and used for yes/no questions

What two Movements is Alexander Graham bell noted for?

Nativism and eugenics

Initialized signs use what

The firsy letter of a word based on a root sign

What is a visual code for English?

Pidgin sign english


Teletypewriter for the deaf

The first university exclusively for the Deaf?

Gallaudet university

What city has the highest Concentration of dead people per capital?

Roichester, New York

Initialized signs are based on a root sign such as?

Geometry and biology

What is sign space?

The area that most signs are made during normal conversation

What are two deaf theater groups

Deaf West and National Theatre of the Deaf

(T or F) name signs cannot be descriptive or arbitrary


What is the use of the index finger to represent me, I, you, he/she/it?


(T or F) most states are fingerspelled using their mail abbreviations


(T or F) New York doesn't have its own sign


What signs use the closed 5 handshape?

Possessive pronouns: my your our

What is the Dominant hand in ASL?

Typically the writing hand. Does most of the work

Gallaudet University was chartered by

Abraham Lincoln

Love it sign

Closed fist kiss