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Who is the current leader of China?
Hu Jintao
WHO is the current leader of China?
What was the name of the last dynasty in China?
According to the Chinese creation story, what was the name of the first man?
P'an Ku
"egg man" - Starts with a P and has two "words" to it.
According to the Chinese creation story, from what river did the Chinese people originate?
The Huang He
Also called the Yellow River.
What is the name the ancient Chinese had for God?
What form of government do the Chinese people live under currently?
ummm... not... democratic...
What was the premise of the opium war?
Opium had been banned in China by the emporer and the British continued to export it and trade it with China. When the Brits refused to stop trading, a war was launched
What is the silk road?
An interconnected series of pathways and roads that go through China to Eastern Europe; a trade route for silk and other goods
Who was the woman who fulfilled the "curse" placed upon the Chinese royalty?
Who was the last emperor of China?
Pu Ye